Wooden Square Cufflinks

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These wooden square cufflinks will leave you an impression of minimalism. Made from wood and stainless steel, with a size of 5/8 "×5/8", you'll never go out of style with it. So, if you are into nature and want to represent strength and stability, why not consider this as your perfect groomsmen gift.

Your creativity won't go to waste with these wooden square cufflinks. You can play and have fun with your artistic style on our cufflinks. We also offer twelve cufflink designs that would definitely catch your eye.

Your chosen wooden square cufflinks also come with a flannel bag packaging, which makes it stylish whether you are using it or not. These wooden square cufflinks are perfect for an outdoor garden, forest, or country wedding and also as a way to make them remember the most special day in your life.

  • Cufflink size: 5/8 "×5/8"
  • Made of wood and stainless steel
  • Offers 16 cufflink designs
  • Easy to carry because of its flannel bag packaging
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