Sports Groomsmen Gifts

From shooting hoops and now to walking down the aisle, we know that there’s nobody you’d rather witness your special day than your loyal teammates – now turned groomsmen! We’ve come up with the perfect game plan for badass groomsmen gifts. Round up your team and hand out these 21 sports groomsmen gifts to the guys who will always have your back from the basketball court to the courthouse.

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  1. Personalized Golf Set
  2. Personalized Wood Baseball Bat
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    Personalized Sarin Three layer Match Golf Ball Set
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    Personalized PVC Leather American Football
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  5. Personalized Golf Divot Tool
  6. Personalized Engraved Golf Tees
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    Personalized Engraved Baseball Bat
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  8. Personalized Engraved Baseball
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    Personalized Microfiber Golf Towel
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  10. Personalized Softball
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Top 20 Sports Groomsmen Gifts

Score a touchdown with personalized groomsmen’s gifts every sports fan will love – from golf, football, basketball, and more.

Set out for a winning streak with these 20 sports groomsmen gift ideas:

20. Customized Softball Keepsake

personalized engraved groomsmen softball

Hit a home run with this groomsmen softball! Your groomsmen will proudly display these signature keepsakes in their living room or office. Made from durable synthetic leather, these softballs are perfect for groomsmen gifts with a personal touch. Sentimentality will never fade away with the high-quality ink – your groomsmen’s names, roles, and wedding date will last a lifetime.

19. Microfiber Golf Towel

three groomsmen microfiber golf towels

All golf enthusiasts love receiving gifts that will improve their game, so why not throw in a luxury microfiber golf towel for your groomsmen? This microfiber towel is extremely absorbent and its hook makes it very convenient. No matter the talent, avid golfers will appreciate this handy tool that will keep your golf balls and putt clean.

18. Cartoon Golf Balls

personalized groomsmen cartoon golf ball

Hit a hole in one with the ultimate groomsmen gift for golfers! Customize a golf ball with your groomsmen or best man’s cartooned self. Send in photos of your groomsmen, and talented artists will render beautiful drawings of your loved ones. There’s no doubt that you’ll get this sports groomsmen gift to a tee with a custom cartoon golf ball!

17. Bottoms up

a hip flask with team sports logo

There’s nothing like a good swig of spirits to lift spirits! If your groomsmen love liquor just as much as they love sports, then this custom sports logo hip flask is the perfect groomsmen gift! Have your favorite team and your groomsmen’s name engraved on high-quality leather, all handmade in the USA. Have  6 oz of your favorite liquor in your pocket.

16. Mesh Shoe Bag

black golf shoe bag

Does your gang enjoy a good round of golf? Ask them to switch out their golf shoes for their finest leather shoes for one weekend while you walk down the aisle! Your groomsmen will appreciate this breathable shoe bag that makes it convenient and hygienic to store and transport their beloved pair of golf shoes.

15. Pop a Bottle

groomsmen rubber hockey bottle openers

What’s best enjoyed cold? We’re not talking about the rink, though you’re getting close.

We think you’d agree with us that there’s no better way to celebrate your wedding than to pop open a cold one! Whip out these custom bottle opener hockey pucks on your wedding day and call for a celly with your closest friends. This groomsmen custom bottle opener sure hits the slot.

14. Personalized Basketball

personalized engraved baseball

Score a slam dunk with your groomsmen by presenting the perfect groomsmen gift for basketball fans – a custom engraved basketball! This personalized basketball is the ideal buzzer-beater to treat your squad. The custom text is engraved on premium leather, so basketball fanatics can shoot hoops with your gift for years.

13. Custom Embroidered Cotton Golf Towel

three groomsmen embroidered cotton golf towels

All golf enthusiasts love receiving gifts that will improve their game, so why not throw in a luxury embroidered golf towel for your groomsmen? This cotton towel is extremely absorbent and convenient, thanks to its hook. Make it personal with beautiful embroidery of your groomsmen’s initials.

12. Baseball Bat Mugs

groomsmen baseball bat mugs

Your squad won’t have any issues finding nice frothy beer with these stylish personalized baseball beer mugs! The special men in your life deserve a special thank you, and these baseball beer bat mugs hit the spot. These food-grade mugs can hold 12 oz of cold or hot beverages.

11. Baseball Bottle Opener

baseball bottle cap opener

We can’t think of a better way to celebrate your wedding day than by popping open a beer with this Best Man baseball bottle cap opener. This handy tool also doubles as a fridge magnet, so your best man will always be reminded of your special day. The catch? It’s made from a real regulation baseball!

10. To a Tee

multiple golf tees in different colors

Here’s a choice that gets sports groomsmen gifts to a tee, literally! You’ll never go wrong with this one-of-a-kind personalized engraved golf tee. They come in the standard 2.75-inch size, so they’ll be useful for beginner and advanced golfers. These small yet thoughtful tees are the perfect wedding souvenir any golfer will love.

9. Groomsmen Engraved Baseball Bat

five bats with distinct design and a ball

Take your all-star groomsmen and best man out to the ball game with this personalized baseball bat! This is one of those groomsmen gifts they actually want to receive. This laser-engraved baseball bat is made from high-quality maple wood. This is a truly personalized piece that your friends will treasure for a lifetime!

8. Colorful Engraved Baseball Bat

five distinct color baseball bats and a ball

Take your baseball bat groomsmen gift up a notch by getting these colored engraved baseball bats. These colored baseball bats are made more special by the quality engraving of names, leagues, player numbers, dates, or declarations. They’re the perfect souvenir to show your gratitude and appreciation to your groomsmen! Choose between gold, pink, black, navy blue, and red.

7. Personalized Football Groomsmen Gifts

two engraved groomsmen footballs

Score a touchdown with this custom football groomsmen gift! Bring back your glory days of scoring touchdowns with these custom PVC Leather American Footballs. This is certainly one of those nontraditional groomsmen gifts that is one-of-a-kind. Customize these footballs with a name, number, and date to get the perfect NFL groomsmen gifts.

6. Team Groomsmen

groomsmen sports jerseys

What better way to show off brotherly love and solidarity than matching sports jerseys? These custom groomsmen jersey tanks are the perfect gift for the groom’s squad. Customize each jersey with your groomsmen’s name or nickname. Wear one of these tanks and present matching sets to your best men and groomsmen to get a resounding ‘yes’ to your proposal!

5. Groomsmen Proposal Ideas

groomsmen best man proposal cards

Will you be my best man? There’s no perfect day to bask in your bromance than your wedding day. Don’t be afraid to go all-out cheesy with pick-up lines for your best men and groomsmen. Customize these cards to feature your favorite sport and include all your groomsmen’s names! These witty groomsmen proposal cards will surely get a lot of laughs once you whip them out.

4. Personalized Golf Divot tool

two distinct color golf divot tools with a box

Your groomsmen obviously love golf with a passion. What better way to ask them to witness your special day than with a 2-in-1 personalized golf divot tool engraved with his name? This handy tool is useful for fixing divots on the greens and as a personalized golf marker. The ergonomic and lightweight design will garner this divot tool a permanent spot in their golf bags!

3. Custom Engraved Baseball

a groomsmen engraved baseball

This choice is the perfect groomsmen gift for a sentimental group of friends. A custom engraved baseball will likely become a treasured keepsake in the years to come! Choose between beautiful gold or silver inscriptions to dedicate this special gift to your beloved friends. The baseball comes in an acrylic case, so true baseball fans can cherish your gift for a lifetime.

2. Engraved Baseball Set

groomsmen engraved baseball

Can’t think of how you’re going to top that engraved baseball gift? Give your best man and groomsmen the perfect gift that covers all the bases – an engraved baseball set. Complete with a laser-engraved maple baseball bat and a silver or gold engraved leather baseball, this is a souvenir all groomsmen will love.

1. Ultimate Bachelor Party Kit

groomsmen sports kit

Hosting an unforgettable bachelor party? This sports-themed groomsmen kit will be the perfect gift for your squad. The set comes with matching socks, new era hats, and shirts. Surprise your groomsmen with a custom name on the back in stylish gold letters. Celebrate with your squad in style with these matching groomsmen accessories!


Get your game plan ready and score a touchdown in your groomsmen’s eyes with these sports groomsmen gifts they actually want.

From running across the field and now to walking down the aisle, there’s no better way to show your team spirit than with these 20 Best Sportsman Groomsmen Gifts.