Microfiber Golf Towel

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You and your equipment are exposed to the elements when you go golfing in the open. Any dirt on the clubface will affect the ball trajectory when it strikes the turf almost every shot.

The microfiber golf towel will save the day and clear the grime that is not in the grooves so that your clubface is clean, dry, and shiny.

The best towels in the golf course will extend the life expectancy of the clubs and increase the reliability of ball-club contact to improve their journey.

Our microfiber golf towel is 100% polyester fiber that can stand any dirt. Not only that, our microfiber golf towel is very absorbent, as it can hold 400% of its weight in water.

Not only does this gear make your hands dry if it is a rainy day or if the heat is intense, but that also leads to sweaty hands. The towel is reliable and also comes with a hook which you may attach to your golf bag.

It is a perfect gift to your man as it can be embroidered with two initials or logos, making it more unique. You can choose four different colors: black, white, red and dark blue.

  • Measures 15 3/8” x 23 3/4”
  • 100% polyester fiber
  • Includes a hook so it can be attached to golf bag
  • Can be embroidered with two initials
  • Avaliable in 4 distinct colors: black, white, gray, and dark blue
  • Holds 400% of its weight in water
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