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Life’s an adventure, and what could be more momentous than your wedding day? Now that you’re setting out on a new journey towards married life, gear up for your wedding with groomsmen dopp kits, duffle bags, and travel bags. Especially if you’re planning a destination wedding, make sure your groomsmen have everything they need in practical and sturdy groomsmen travel bags.

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  1. Canvas Dopp Kit
  2. Canvas Traveler Dopp Bag
  3. Personalized Canvas Cooler Bag
  4. Personalized Beer Cooler Chair
  5. Leather Toiletry Bag For Groomsmen
  6. Personalized Beer Cooler Bag
  7. Personalized Waxed Canvas Toiletry Bag
  8. Personalized Canvas Toiletry Bag
  9. Canvas and Genuine Leather Dopp Kit Bag
  10. Personalized Toiletry Dopp Kit Bag
  11. Canvas Toiletry Bag
  12. Personalized Leather Travel Bag
Set Descending Direction

12 Items

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Top 25 Groomsmen Travel Bags

Why not give your groomsmen gifts a special touch with custom monogrammed travel bags? It’s the least you could do for the buddies who’ve been with you through thick and thin!

Set out for new adventures with the best 25 Groomsmen Travel bags:

25. Handcrafted Leather Toiletry bag

Handcrafted Leather Toiletry bag

Show your appreciation for your best men with a personalized Leather Toiletry Bag For Groomsmen. This groomsmen dopp kit is the perfect gift for friends who appreciate artisanal and handmade gifts. Add a personalized touch with meticulously monogrammed letters!

24. Master of Travel

 Travel Guru Groomsmen travel kit

Gone are the days of stuffing (and losing) all your travel essentials in a black hole. This Travel Guru Groomsmen travel kit is handcrafted to help you organize all your valuables. Make it special with a classy monogram of your initials or graphics. What’s more, the leather is robust and durable, so the bag can keep up with all the wear and tear that’s inevitable on wild outdoor adventures. This bag will definitely age like fine wine!

23. Vintage Groomsmen Gift for a True Gentleman

Vintage Groomsmen Gift for a True Gentleman

Looking for the ultimate groomsmen gift? This 1950’s groomsmen gift box set is complete with a vintage leather travel bag and high-quality retro shaving tools. The groomsmen travel kit is lined with suede and detailed with leather straps and a brass zipper. This elegant travel bag from the 1950’s is the perfect gift for a true gentleman.

22. Ultimate Bromance Flask

Travel Shaving Kit

Looking for a simple and classy toiletry kit? This elegant Travel Shaving Kit is nothing short of luxurious. The quality textured leather case matches the old-school razor made of the highest craftsmanship. This groomsman gift set is the perfect gift for the old soul who values functionality and style.

21. Geared for all Occasions

 high-capacity groomsmen dopp kit

This high-capacity groomsmen dopp kit is perfect for packing all your travel essentials at a destination wedding. This bag is huge at 11 x 4.7 x 6.3 inches! What more can you ask for with its practical multiple functional pockets, straps, and dry/wet separation design. Take it on any adventure thanks to its water-resistant material and zippers.

20. Quality and Functionality

personalized leather travel kits

Do you and your friends value quality craftsmanship? Made from rich deep brown and burgundy leather, we can definitely see you spoiling the most important friends in your life with these personalized leather travel kits! Designed to be heavy-duty and weather-resistant, you can take these classy travel kits on any adventure.

19. Traveling in Style

leather groomsmen travel kit

Want to travel in style? This rich leather groomsmen travel kit is the best companion for long journeys. The material is made from waterproof full-grain premium leather and waterproof nylon lining, so this bag can definitely handle some wear and tear. Personalize your leather groomsmen gifts with an engraved picture, name, or logo to make it extra special!

18. Best for Hanging out

personalized leather hanging wash bag

Will your groomsmen travel thousands of miles just to witness your special day? Make the trip comfortable and convenient with these personalized leather hanging wash bag. They’re the perfect travel durable companion if your groomsmen will be making multiple stops along their journey.

17. Canvas Rugged Dopp Kit

canvas dopp kit i

Looking for a durable groomsmen dopp kit? This canvas dopp kit is the best choice for a rugged style and the wildest of adventures. Get these handy dopp kits in beautiful earth hues. Make it extra special for your groomsmen with beautifully monogrammed letters!

16.Partners for Life

triangle waterproof dopp

Looking for a groomsmen travel kit that’s meant to last a lifetime? This triangle waterproof dopp kit is handcrafted from durable waxed canvas and full-grain leather. The material makes this rugged bag water-resistant and stylish at the same time. This dopp kit will definitely be a staple on your future outdoor trips with the gang!

15. Flex a Six Pack

personalized beer cooler

We might be a little biased, but this personalized beer cooler holds the key to a fun wedding. Hold your precious beer bottles in style with this insulated carrier with padded dividers. Waxed canvas and genuine leather make this practical bag all the more stylish. The cherry on top? There’s a handy bottle opener on the strap!

14.Groomsmen Leather Duffle Bags with Shoe Compartment

 large personalized duffle bag

Planning an out-of-town wedding? Let your groomsmen travel in style with this leather duffle bag with a handy (pun intended) shoe compartment! This large personalized duffle bag is made from genuine premium leather. Score this leather travel bag with a matching dopp kit!

13.Matching Leather Dopp kits

set of groomsmen toiletry bags

Have an inseparable group of friends? There’s nothing wrong with showing a little bromance with this matching set of groomsmen toiletry bags! Get this set of high-quality leather groomsmen dopp kits at an affordable price.

12. Simple and Classy Toiletry Bag

waxed canvas toiletry bags

These waxed canvas toiletry bags are perfect for the understated man with a rugged style. The practical and lightweight design is best for long trips and adventures. The adjustable straps make this toiletry bag the easiest to pack.

11.An Army of Brothers

 personalized army duffle bags

Ready for the longest excursion of your life? This army-style canvas duffle bag will help you prepare for the biggest mission of your life – marriage. Treat your bros to these personalized army duffle bags and customize them with a monogram and more than 10 color choices!

10.Tactical Toiletry Bag

canvas shave bag

Get a bag fit for the great outdoors, but with the retro style of a French barber. This quality canvas shave bag comes in three earthy colors. Make this bag extra special for your bros with their initials.

9. Understated Style

canvas toiletry kit

The perfect gift for a man of few words? This simple yet stylish canvas toiletry kit will leave a lasting impression thanks to its classic and masculine design. Top it off with a custom monogram of your best buddies’ names!

8.For Men On the Go

 Ultimate Leather Travel Kit

This practical hanging leather travel kit is the ultimate gift for men who love practicality and convenience. Travel with everything ready and on-hand in the Ultimate Leather Travel Kit. Convenient pockets and straps make organizing and packing a breeze. Take this gift up a notch by personalizing it with three initial monogram fonts!

7. Beer Caddy for Outdoor Weddings

leather beer caddy

Have all you need in one hand with this practical and stylish leather beer caddy! This functional and waterproof beer holder is durable and easy to transport – it’s the most useful tool for outdoor weddings and picnics. Let’s be real – nothing works better at keeping spirits high than with six bottles of spirits!

6. Sleek and Durable Canvas and Leather Dopp Kit

 Canvas and Genuine Leather Dopp Kit Bag

Here’s a durable Canvas and Genuine Leather Dopp Kit Bag that stays sleek and practical on any occasion. Equip your groomsmen with the perfect personalized travel bag for him – complete with his initials and favorite color. Get to choose from six muted earth tones for an understated yet unforgettable travel accessory.

5. Handy Groomsmen Dopp Kits

personalized Toiletry Dopp

These mini dopp kits are the perfect size for traveling light. If you’re looking for simple yet personalized groomsmen gifts, these will serve the purpose. These personalized Toiletry Dopp Kit Bag are perfect for holding all the accessories that will keep your crew sharp come wedding day.

4. Vintage Hanging Toiletry Bag

Vancase hanging toiletry bag

Have a soft spot for vintage finds and practicality? This vintage Vancase hanging toiletry bag for men is the perfect companion for keeping all your bathroom basics organized. This gift will be a timeless addition to your groomsmen’s wardrobe.

3. Slick Canvas Toiletry bag

canvas toiletry bag

Looking for a timeless piece for your best man? This canvas toiletry bag is top on our list for its simple and classic design. Get these toiletry bags for your groomsmen in 5 timeless hues: black, blue, gray, coffee, and green. Personalize with a custom monogram for the perfect groomsmen gift.

2. Personal Shoulder Brewery

canvas toiletry bag

Nothing’s better than a cold bottle of beer to celebrate your wedding day! This sleek 16-bottle beer cooler is the perfect gift for men on a mission. Your gang will never be left empty-handed with this sneaky black bag that keeps 16 bottles of beer at the perfect temperature.

1. For the Adventure of a Lifetime

groomsmen leather duffle bags

Never settle for anything less than the best when it comes to a trusted group of groomsmen. The same goes for a handy and practical travel bag. These groomsmen leather duffle bags are the perfect gifts for the men who’ve been with you through thick and thin – your groomsmen. Handcrafted from organic leather, take this gift to the next level with personalized, engraved messages or initials.

Gear up for the most important journey of your life with your lifelong companions – your bride and your groomsmen. Embark on your journey as a married man with your lifelong friends and these handy groomsmen bags in tow.

Show your appreciation for your groomsmen with these 25 Best Groomsmen Travel Bags.