Groomsmen Tie Clips

It is not easy to look for the perfect gift for groomsmen. The best ones are things they would use daily. One thing that most gentlemen use is tie clips. Especially if they work in the office, groomsmen tie clips may be the perfect gift that combines practicality with being sentimental.

Here is a list of 21 of the best styles and kinds of tie clips for badass groomsmen gifts. These clips are perfect as a standalone gift or part of a curated gift box.

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21 Groomsmen Tie Clips

It is not easy to look for the perfect gift for groomsmen. The best ones are things they would use daily. One thing that most gentlemen use is tie clips. Especially if they work in the office, groomsmen tie clips may be the perfect gift that combines practicality with being sentimental.

Here is a list of 21 of the best styles and kinds of tie clips for badass groomsmen gifts. These clips are perfect as a standalone gift or part of a curated gift box.

21. Black Round Cufflinks and Tie Clip Set

This black-tie clip comes with cufflinks as a set. Black is the perfect color for groomsmen because it can be compatible with any tie color. Also, it goes fashionably well with any suit. The product is made of stainless steel to prevent rusting and is durable. These are ideal for what to put in groomsmen box souvenirs.  

There are six different designs for the tie clip that allows any combination of initials. It is a gift that combines style, and versatility.

20. Stainless Steel Tie Clip

Here is a product that would be perfect for any groomsmen gift box or package. It can also be a thoughtful gift in itself. The stainless steel tie clip is durable enough to continue to keep the ties secure for a very long time. There are three colors available, black, white, and gold, that are good to go with any design or colorway of a suit.  

Six different logo designs are present for an engraved tie clip, and you can also put initials. It also allows the groomsmen to remember the thoughtfulness of this gift every time they dress up formally.

19. Personalized Wooden Tie Bar

These personalized tie clips can be the next big thing in groomsmen gifts. The clips are a little bit different from the conventional ones because they are made from wood. It can be a nice little accent to complete the look of any suit. And, it gives a unique element that pops out.

The clip comes in five different shades of brown. There are six different ways to engrave initials into these clips just for that added touch of personalization.

18. Groomsmen Tie Clip With Initials Engraved On Back

This tie clip is the ideal gift for a big wedding day. It combines elegance with a little bit of fun. Similarly, it comes in a nice shiny silver color as well. The tie clips are made with stainless steel that ensures top-quality durability. Also, the engravings on the front are titles in the wedding like “Father of the Bride/Groom” and “Best Man.”

It also allows engravings at the back of initials. A gift that will remind them of their role on a memorable day every time they use it.

17. Personalized Tie Clip

A personalized tie clip offers a more modern design for today’s Dapper Dans. It is made from aluminum that is non tarnish, which makes it durable. Again, you can engrave initials on the tie clip for a more personal touch.

This tie clip banks on a minimalistic and simplistic design. It prioritizes being able to go with any suit and tie. Above all, it is the perfect gift that one can use all the time.

16. Personalized Gold Tie Clip

Gold colored tie clip is an excellent choice when deciding what to put in a groomsmen gift box. This color radiates elegance and sophistication. It is a complimentary piece to any high-end suit. Additionally, it will accentuate any piece of clothing to complete the look.

The product also allows engravings in the front. Multiple fonts are available to fit the liking of the buyer.

15. Groomsmen Tie Bar

These non-tarnish tie clips are great novelty gifts. And, it shows a nice way to honor the people who were part of the special occasion. The tie clips come in gold, silver, or matte black. Elegant colorways are convenient to pair with nice suits. It also allows the date and initials to be engraved, never to forget how and where they got the clip.

14. Custom Tie Clip

This custom tie clip is one of the better choices when it comes to personalized tie clips. It is the perfect wedding day groomsmen gift and for father’s day or a birthday of a close buddy. The engravings can range from anything and can be made on both sides of the clip. It can be names, dates, coordinates, etc.  

There are numerous fonts to decide from to achieve the design you desire. The clip also comes in three different colors: black, gold and silver.  

13. Gunmetal Tie Clip

Gunmetal tie clips offer a different finish compared to the other tie clips. These items provide a shinier finish and a more metallic appearance. Also, it is a wonderful tie bar groomsmen gift because of its classy design.

The engravings on these clips are a little more subdued. You need to take a closer look to see the engravings. There are different fonts to choose from, and the possibilities of what to engrave are endless.

12. Hockey Tie Clip

The Hockey Tie Clip is one of the more fun selections for a groomsmen gift. It is shaped like a hockey stick with detailed groove designs on the handle and the head. Also, it comes in two different designs and well-packed like it is fresh off the ice. It is an excellent gift for buddies that are big fans of the sport.  

11. Autumn Woods Collective

Autumn Woods Collection offers a more rustic design to tie clips. Although made of a wood finish, it doesn’t diminish the clip’s elegance. It still gives refinement that will complete any suit. These clips come in four varying shades of wood to either blend with the outfit or stand out. You can customize it for any occasion with engravings of any font, style, and combination in the front.

10. Gecko Tie Bar

The Gecko Tie Bar leaves the owner with no choice but to let it stand out when worn with a suit. It features very intricate Celtic I engraving designs all around the clip. There are different widths, lengths, and styles available for the buyer.

It can also be engraved with initials that are seamlessly added to the design itself. Additionally, it is made from copper and Nu gold to ensure the clip will last for generations.

9. Engraved Fingerprint Tie Clip

If engraved initials aren’t personal enough for you, then maybe the fingerprint tie clip can do the trick. It engraves the actual fingerprint of a person on the clip itself. And, it also engraves an initial in the middle for added personalization. If this is too much, it can also be just engravings of symbols and letters. Either way, it is a tie clip that combines quality and durability in a personal gift.

8. Birthstone Tie Clip

This Birthstone Tie Clip is a personal gift in a different manner. Instead of customization through engravings of names and symbols, it uses birthstones. There are a total of twelve birthstones that can be placed on the clip.

Each birthstone corresponds to a particular month of the year. The clip can be designed with as many stones as it can fit. It is a new way to re-invent personalized gifts.

7. J-Style 12 pc. Tie Clip Set

For the indecisive gentlemen, the J-style twelve-piece tie clip set might be the lifesaver. The set comes with tie clips with different designs, colors, and finishes. It will allow the perfect choice of tie clip to go with literally any suit. This piece truly is the perfect gift for people who like wearing suits or have to wear suits to work. These are groomsmen tie clips worth remembering.

6. Photo Tie Clip

Another creative addition to the list of groomsmen gifts is this photo tie clip. The clip is made from stainless steel and has a protective covering over the photo. Individuals can insert any photo they want to, and it will be safe for a long time. It is a fun way to carry precious moments close to their heart.

5. Yadoca 8-piece Tie Clip Set

The Yadoca tie clip set features eight stunning tie clips for the everyday gentleman. It has different colors to match suits or contrast them. You don’t need to repeat because there will be a different tie clip for every work day or formal occasion. Also, an extra tie clip is provided in case there are two events in one day. It is surely a gift suited for the modern working man.

4. Map Tie Clip

Some places have a special place in people’s hearts. An awesome way to memorialize that place is with a map tie clip. It is a welcome addition to the badass groomsmen gifts. The glass dome gives a magnifying effect on a certain area that is put into the clip.

People can represent their hometown or pay homage to a place that struck them. Regardless of the reason, it is a gift that will be for sure cherished.

3. Circuit Board Tie Clip

These circuit board tie clips are for gentlemen with techy personalities. It features different colors that have designs that look similar to motherboard fragments. A protective layer protects the designs to ensure preservation for a long time. It is a perfect tie clip to showcase individuality and style. Also, it is a groomsman gift that puts the fun in functionality.

2. Lego Tie Clip

For the children at heart, the Lego tie clip is sure to delight any groomsman it is gifted to. The tie clip is designed almost exactly like a classic piece of Lego. It is a clip that will bring out the nostalgic feeling of kids from the 90s until the kids today. A broad array of colors are available to fit many ties and suit combinations.

1. Marines Tie Clip

The Marine Tie Clip is a terrific groomsman gift for the gentlemen who served in the army. It is made from stainless steel, and the logo is beautifully engraved on it, plus it lasts a lifetime. There are five distinct designs to choose from. Designs for the marines, coast guard, navy, army, air force, or any area they served are available. It is a good gift that pays homage.


Most individuals often overlook tie clips, but it is a piece that also makes a suit sophisticated. It can complement certain outfits and tie colors. Millions of people wear ties almost every day, and a tie clip can add some fun to a boring color. Tie clips are a perfect way to help bring a little identity to what one is wearing.

Similarly, tie clips can hold a personal purpose or meaning that only the owner knows. Groomsmen tie clips are a perfect addition to any box or package for the guys on the wedding day.