Groomsmen Mugs

We can’t think of a better way to celebrate your wedding day than an overflowing mug of cold and frothy beer with your best friends! Groomsmen mugs aren’t just beautiful memorabilia. They’re an excellent opportunity to bond and make some new memories with the men who’ve been with you through thick and thin. Show your appreciation to your groomsmen and best men with the best groomsmen gifts!

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  1. Personalized Glass Beer Mug
  2. Personalized Wooden Beer Mug
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Top 15 Groomsmen Mugs

Share a toast with your groomsmen for the exciting new chapter in your life. Pop open a cold one and celebrate new milestones with our hand-picked groomsmen proposal gifts and groomsmen mugs:

15. Moscow Mule Cocktail Mug

moscow mule cocktail mug

If you’re looking for a stylish and personalized groomsmen mug, we’d like to share this pair of beautifully engraved moscow mule cocktail mugs! The copper-plated design and style with the stainless steel frame are guaranteed to survive a wild night of celebrations. The material is great for keeping your drinks at the right temperature, whether that be a steaming cup of coffee or an ice-cold beer. These Moscow Mule mugs have a 14-ounce of capacity and is dishwasher safe. They can also be intricately engraved with your groomsmen’s initials for a personalized gift. Did we mention that they come in a beautiful gift box?

14. Handmade Wooden Beer Mug 

handmade wooden beer mug

Ye old mug of beer never tasted this good! Get that traditional feel of enjoying a night with your friends in a pub with this handcrafted oak beer mug in the likeness of a beer crate. The mug can carry as much as 22 liters for a night of endless celebrations! The oak material is also non-toxic and waterproof – it’s covered with natural beeswax so that you can drink mugs of your favorite cold or hot drink without any problems. For a personalized gift, you can add a customized engraving on the bottom of the mug,

13. Medieval Groomsmen Mug 

medieval groomsmen mug

This medieval-style beer mug takes the cake when it comes to authenticity! We love the subtle details that make this beer mug believably traditional, like the wood varnish, black barrel trim, and intricate handle. You can choose from two wood finishes and four mug shapes, all believably medieval. The interior is made of stainless still, which is perfect for keeping your drink cold or warm. They’re the perfect choice for a night of drinking in the pub or a DND game nights with your pals! Customize with a medieval metal plate or have the bottom engraved for personalized groomsmen beer mugs

12. Adventure Stainless Steel Groomsmen Coffee Mugs

adventure stainless steel groomsmen coffee mugs

Do you and your best pals love the great outdoors? If your travel buddies have shared countless memories camping and hiking, here’s a robust and impact-resistant choice for your upcoming adventures! This 12-ounce camping mug is great for coffee, tea, or maybe even a cold beer. The classic enamel design with rolled rim makes sipping your drink comfortable and satisfying. It’s also dishwasher safe and conforms to FDA requirements. We’d definitely recommend this customizable mug for all outdoor buddies!

11. May the Froth Be With You

may the froth be with you

If you and your groomsmen are big Star Wars fans, this mandalorian star wars personalized beer mug is the perfect gift! It’s made from high-quality heavy glassware that is beautiful and robust at the same time. We love the tapered shape that encourages a delicious layer of foam. The huge size is perfect for developing a freshly opened beer’s aroma and flavor to enhance every drinking experience. For badass groomsmen gifts, choose from a variety of Mandalorian or Star Wars characters along with your groomsmen’s name or initials.

10. Personalized Groomsmen Gift Box 

personalized groomsmen gift box

Why not go a little extra with your groomsmen proposal gifts? Let’s go for practical groomsmen gifts that your bros will appreciate each day – a drinking set complete with a personalized beer mug, army knife, and bottle opener. If you ask us, these are some of the essentialthe most essential tools that a man would need in his life! Your best man or groomsmen will appreciate the matching customized design that is luxurious and classic. It’s surely a timeless piece that your best friends will rely on in the years to come.

9. World in His Hands

world in his hands

Lend your groomsmen a helping hand with the Nightcapper, a thoughtful whiskey glass with a cigar holder. What could be a better way to celebrate with your best pals than a luxurious cigar and some fine spirits? Make him feel like a boss with everything literally in the palm of his hands! This groomsmen gift set also comes with a customizable wooden coaster and gift box. It’s rare that to find non-traditional groomsmen gifts that are this well-thought-out!

8. Never Say When

never say when

This cheeky mug is the perfect addition to beer nights with buddies. This enamel beer mug is made of double-walled steel that can carry over 14-ounces of your favorite beer, keeping your drink smooth and at the right temperature throughout the night. See your groomsmen delight at their customized initials. They might even spew out some beer after reading your cheeky remarks on the bottom of the mug! It’s the perfect personalized gift that is the missing ingredient to your beer nights.

7. Classic Personalized Draft Beer Mug 

classic personalized draft beer mug

You can’t go wrong with a classic choice. This beer mug is the perfect companion to toasting fresh draft beer with your buddies! Your groomsmen will be all smiles with a huge

6. European Beer Mug 

european beer mug

For a beer mug with that classic European pub feel, a 16-ounce glass beer mug with a heavy and robust bottom. Your groomsmen will love the customized and engraved design that lends a classic yet powerful look. Trust us when we say that beer tastes all the better when it comes from a hefty beer mug. Watch as your groomsmen take an enthusiastic swig each time!

5. Rustic Wooden Groomsmen Mug

personalized wooden beer mug

Groomsmen gifts don’t necessarily have to be expensive and overwhelming. These personalized wooden beer mugs are simple, but we’re positive that your groomsmen will love the rustic and down-to-earth feel these give to your celebrations. Each mug is made from lightweight and robust high-quality oak wood. For a more personalized and one-of-a-kind gift, have these mugs engraved with your groomsmen’s names or maybe even a funny anecdote. Remember that the best groomsmen gift is practical and sentimental!

4. Ye Olde Beer Mug

ye olde beer mug

We love the natural and old-school feel this wooden mug gives off. Your buddies will definitely enjoy every sip from this classic engraved wooden mug that verges on the medieval with its unique shape and customized lettering. Get to customize the walls of the mug with your groomsmen’s names and your special date. The bottom of the mugs can also be customized with a title or a personalized message of appreciation.

3. Sleek Glass Beer Mug 

sleek glass beer mug

This slender beer mug lends an air of sophistication that’s perfect for a gentleman who enjoys a nice serving of beer. Slide each one of your drinking buddies these personalized 16-ounce beer glass mug during your bachelor party! We’re pretty sure nothing is more practical a reliable beer mug!

2. Caricature Porcelein Beer Mug

caricature porcelein beer mug

No other groomsmen mug goes beyond the design and functionality of this 100% high-quality engraved porcelain beer mug. No need to worry about dropping your precious beer because of the ergonomic handle. This hefty beer mug can carry over 22-ounces of your favorite drink. The real star of this beer mug is the personalized caricature or engraving on the mug walls – all carefully hand-drawn by our talented artists. There’s some lovely intricate trim that makes this mug a luxurious choice.

1. Engraved Viking Ox Horn Beer Mug 

engraved viking ox horn beer mug

It’s not every day that you’ll find a piece that looks like it came right from a Viking raid. Each one of these Viking mugs is made from 100% unique and natural ox horns. Each one is 100% unique in finishes and appearance. You can even make it more personalized with an engraving of your groomsmen’s names. It can hold up to 12-ounces of your favorite beer. The beer mugs are equipped with 100% lacquer that is food-safe and non-toxic. Nothing could be more manly and authentic than drinking,than  just as the traditional Vikings did.