Nothing could be more special than a custom-made knife for your groomsmen! A quality knife is an essential tool that every man should have in his arsenal.

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21 Groomsmen Knives

Swiss knives, multi-tools, pocket knives – you name it, all these would come in handy for the groomsman who loves the outdoors or getting stuff done around the house.

Stay sharp and hand out these top 21 groomsmen knives on your wedding day!

Top 21 Groomsmen Knives

Whether your groomsmen enjoy hunting, camping, or simply being a handyman, these groomsmen knives will prepare them for anything out in the wild, be it a zombie apocalypse or filleting a fish.

21. Engraved pocket knife for wedding

engraved pocket knife

Down to its natural knots and markings, all men with a simple style will love this handy engraved pocket knife. Never misplace this handy tool, thanks to the ergonomic belt clip. Make this gift special by engraving both the handle and the blade with your groomsmen’s name and your wedding day.

20. Engraved groomsmen knife box

folding knife with custom box

Here’s a timeless folding knife any groomsman would be proud to have in his pocket! Encased in a quality engraved wooden box, this compact folding knife with custom box is of the highest quality. Complete this gift with a custom engraving on the handle for a truly unique and ever-treasured gift.

19. Stay sharp (and hydrated)

tumbler, flask, and folding knife

This groomsmen gift set is complete with everything a man needs to get a hard day’s work done. A tumbler, flask, and folding knife completes this groomsmen gift set – all in matching stylish all-black design. Fill up the tumbler with morning coffee, and switch it up with a hip flask when you need to lift your spirits. Don’t forget the handy folding knife in your pocket!

18. Timeless blades for the gang

sleek knife stainless steel knife

Have an inseparable group of groomsmen? Choose this sleek knife stainless steel knife to show off your bromance! Complete this timeless and sleek design with an engraving of your best friends’ names, or maybe even an inside joke of up to two lines.

17. Knife for outdoor adventures

 versatile adventure knife

If your groomsmen love outdoor activities, this is the best adventure buddy they could ask for! Perfect for camping, fishing, or hunting, this versatile adventure knife even comes with a flashlight. To prepare for any situation, every camper and survivalist should have this essential tool.

16. Compact Damascus Pocket Knife

personalized Damascus blade with custom engraving

Looking for a pocket knife with a unique style? Get this personalized Damascus blade with custom engraving! The blade has a truly unique design that can be made even more special with an engraving. This knife is easy to carry around in your pocket thanks to its compact design at only 5-inches when closed.

15. Artisan Revere Chef Knife

 artisan revere chef knife

Give a man a knife, and you feed him for a lifetime – that’s how we think this age-old saying should go. Treat your groomsmen to quality food all their life with this artisan revere chef knife. This chef comes at a steep price, but rest assured that you’ll be invited over for dinner in the decades to come.

14. Customized groomsman gift set

groomsman gift set

What more could a best man ask for? Give your best man the best with this groomsman gift set that you can customize right down to the box. More than quality groomsmen knives, equip your best man with a leather wallet, a stainless steel flask, a lighter, and shot glasses. Show your best man your appreciation!

13.  Custom tactical hatchet

Stanford custom-engraved hatchet

Looking for something hardier than a knife? We think this Stanford custom-engraved hatchet will be the best gift for your handy groomsmen. From chopping down firewood to felling a tree, this groomsman ax is the best way to equip your best friend with all they need to accomplish in their yard or out in the forest.

12. Sharpened tools personalized ammo box

 sharpened tools personalized ammo box

Your custom groomsmen knives will look even more badass when they’re paired with a matching custom ax! Leave no trail left unconquered with this sharpened tools personalized ammo box! After a hard day’s work, whip out a celebratory cigar with this kit’s custom cigar flasks. To top off this groomsmen kit, all these items come in a .50 caliber ammo box! What could be cooler than that?

11. Personalized laser-engraved pocket knife

personalized laser-engraved pocket knife

Looking for a timeless groomsmen knife that your groomsmen will treasure for a lifetime? Get this personalized laser-engraved pocket knife with 11 fold-out stainless steel tools, including scissors, knives, screwdrivers, and a bottle opener, to name a few. Each pocket knife is equipped with a genuine wood handle that makes this tool lightweight and easy to handle.


set of 5 engraved groomsmen knives

Hit two (or more specifically, five) birds with one stone with this sleek set of 5 engraved groomsmen knives. Tick off that box on your to-do list and get a set that will make the whole wedding party feel special. Engrave each one with a special guest’s name or initials for a unique gift. Choose between gold, black, or multi-color handles – there’s a design for everyone!

9. Classic wood-engraved pocket knife

 wood-engraved pocket knife

This is a luxurious knife that looks like it fell straight out of a knight’s armor! Your groomsmen will admire this elegant wood-engraved pocket knife that’s made with a stainless steel blade and a smooth rosewood handle. It’s compact too at only four and a half inches – it’ll fit perfectly in your hand and your pocket.

8. Tactical knife with hidden compartment

 tactical knife with a hidden compartment

There’s nothing quite like this tactical knife with a few tricks hidden up its sleeve (or handle). This personalized tactical knife with a hidden compartment is the handiest tool you can find, both for indoor and outdoor use. You’ll get a compass, a fishing line and hook, a sewing kit, matches, and a split shot weight, all hidden in a handle! This knife is fit for a survivor.

7. Personalized cuff link and pocket knife set

Personalized cuff link and pocket knife set

Looking for something a bit more that will keep your groomsmen looking sharp on your special day? Show your appreciation for your best pals with a personalized cuff link and matching pocket knife! Be the best-dressed squad with these stylish cuff links that will make any outfit look timeless. A handy pocket knife might just give you the edge you’re looking for.

6. Day and night groomsmen gift set

 personalized gift set

This groomsmen gift set gets down to the basics of everything a man will need for a rewarding day. Surprise your groomsmen with a personalized gift set complete with an army knife, a bottle opener, and a beer mug – all encased in an engraved keepsake gift box. Each item in this gift set can be customized with beautiful engraving.

5.  Sleek and handy sharp and spirits tool

bottle opener with knife

Can’t get handier than this custom tool that will prepare you when you need spirits or a sharp tool. Celebrate the biggest milestone of your life by opening a bottle of wine or popping open a bottle of beer. This sleek corkscrew bottle opener with knife will be a staple in the years to come.

4. Armed with everything swiss knife

13-tool army knife

This army knife puts all other army knives to shame. There more to its sleek design – this high-quality stainless steel groomsmen gift is armed with 13 tools, including a knife, bottle opener, corkscrew, nail, file, and scissors. From fiddling with cars or out in the wilderness, the handy groomsman will appreciate this 13-tool army knife down to the personalized message you can have engraved.

3. Looking sharp

personalized barber set

We won’t limit our list to just tactical knives and swiss knives. Make sure everyone in your squad looks sharp on your wedding day with this personalized barber set.  Give your groomsmen practical cutting tools like a barber-style razor knife and scissors. This set even comes with a sharpening stone and a comb.

2. Personalized Multifunctional tool

personalized multifunctional tool

Your wedding should be all about celebrations and remembering milestones. Gift this personalized multifunctional tool to your groomsmen, and watch as they open bottle after bottle of wine and beer on your wedding day. Watch as they enjoy an expensive cigar or two with the handy cigar cutter. A mini saw is a handy tool that any gentleman would love. This tool is the best for celebrating like a true gentleman!

1. Groomsmen gift set for a gentleman

quality genuine leather wallet and a switchblade knife set

Here’s a set every gentleman should have in his pocket at all times – a quality genuine leather wallet and a switchblade knife set. Make your groomsmen feel like they’re straight out of a James Bond movie with this groomsmen gift set. Make them feel like a million bucks with the high-quality custom engraving.


There’s something about knives that can transform a man into anything they’d want to be – from a handyman, a chef, and a survivor.

We can’t think of a better thank you to groomsmen than giving them a tool that will help them power through any situation that might come their way.

Stay sharp and celebrate milestones with the best Groomsmen Knives in your pocket.