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A rolled tobacco in hand exudes power, confidence, and relaxation all in one. We can’t think of a better groomsmen gift that furthers your brotherly bond! Why not gather your groomsmen and gift them a meticulously rolled cigar? Complete your groomsmen gift with a classy cigar cutter, lighter, or humidor.

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Top 17 Groomsmen Cigar Gifts

Gather your best buddies and light up a cigar with the 17 best groomsmen cigar gifts this 2021.

17. Whiskey Glass with Cigar Holder

Most men would agree that nothing can top a cigar with whiskey or scotch.

Complete the night gathered around the fireplace and exchange tales of your wildest adventures. You’ll never have to worry about burning your pants or spilling your drinks again! This whiskey glass with cigar holder won’t just come in handy on your wedding day. Rest assured that your groomsmen will appreciate this functional and classy gift for the rest of his life. It’s made of high-quality crystal clear glass that’s sure to earn the title of ‘family heirloom.’

16. OG Extinguisher

Say you’ve found the perfect stogie and humidifier; what’s next? Arm your groomsmen with a quality extinguisher and ashtray like the OG extinguisher. Whether you and your groomsmen are deep in discussion or up for another round of poker, this gold-rimmed porcelain ashtray with a black finish is elegant and luxurious. Make the OG extinguisher extra special with personalized initials.

15. Classy Groomsmen Cigar Humidor 

A humidor isn’t just a fancy box. Level up the cigar and bonding experience with this beveled window and wooden cigar humidor that can store up to 120 cigars! The beautiful humidor has a high gloss golden cherry finish. Apart from that, it has dividers and internal locking hinges to keep your precious cigars secure and organized. There is also a luxury golden analog hygrometer and internal humidifier to keep the cigars at their peak plumpness so you can take advantage of your cigar experience.

14. Amancy 3 Holder Leather Cigar Humidor with Lighter and Cutter 

This humidor might be small, but trust us, it’s the complete package. The Amancy 3 Holder also comes with a groomsmen cigar cutter and a lighter. All you need is some whiskey and your best pals for the best night of your life. Your groomsmen will appreciate the expensive leather casing that conveniently has a small holder for the cutter for easy access. This holder can carry up to 3 cigars at a time.

13. Handcrafted Cedar Humidor with Digital Hygrometer

Here’s one of the most handy cigar humidors that money can buy. The handcrafted wooden humidor has a real glass top, walnut finish, and cedar coaming. What makes this groomsmen gift so special is its modern features, including a digital hygrometer, an accessory drawer, and humidifier gel. Gentlemen can store up to 25 to 50 cigars in this modern humidor.

12. Sleek Cigar Case

Men don’t need a flashy humidor to enjoy traveling with a cigar. This Amerigo travel case humidor is the perfect companion on the road. The sleek and compact case fits all the essentials –– no fuss and frills. It can fit three pieces of your trusty cigar. The case comes complete with a handy cigar cutter, too. Your groomsmen can’t help but remember your thoughtful gesture each time he brings this out on his travels.

11. Scotte Leather Groomsmen Cigar Case 

Whip out this Scotte Leather Groomsmen cigar case during your bachelor party and watch your groomsmen’s eyes light up with excitement! There’s a cigar (or two) for everyone as this holder can store as many as 12 to 16 cigars at a time. It’s made of high-quality leather, and the inner is made from cedar. The top of the case comes with a stylish gold hygrometer to ensure that you and the gang use the freshest cigars each time.

10. Personalized Groom Cigar Gift Box  

Looking for groomsmen gift sets of 5? Why not go for personalized cigar boxes for each one of your groomsmen? Each one can be made special with handcrafted engravings with your best friends’ name, their role, initials, and the wedding date. It’s a great gift to show your groomsmen how much you appreciate their help with planning the wedding.

9. Personalized Cigar Set 

Here’s a groom cigar gift that offers the complete package! All your essentials are held in a beautifully carved walnut wood case. What’s inside, you ask? It’s complete with a pressure pin, stainless steel chrome table base, and a cigar cutter. There’s more – it’s made even more beautiful with gold mirrored flex. It’s one of the most beautiful and functional gifts you can hand to your best man or groomsman!

8. Personalized Gift Set with Cigar Travel Case and Flask 

This groomsmen leather gift is complete with everything you need and more! Take advantage of the stainless steel and leather hybrid cigar travel case. Your groomsmen will absolutely love the personalized initials on the cigar cutter pocket. They will also love the classy leather and stainless steel flask with their initials. It doesn’t end there! This gift set has the potential to be the perfect proposal best man cigar gift set. Right when you pop the question, bring out the two shot glasses –– one of the groom and one for the best man!

7. Personalized Groomsmen Gift Set

Here’s another gift set you should seriously consider. This travel-sized humidor can hold up to 8 pieces of cigars. It opens entirely at 180 degrees for easy access for your cigars and special pockets for your cigar cutter and lighter. Inside, you will find a perforated ventilated humidifier and humidifier sponge. The package also comes complete with a guillotine cutter and butane lighter. Make the gift extra special with personalized engraving.

6. Humidor with Groomsmen Essentials

While this engraved Spanish cedar humidor with internal locking hinges is impressive in itself, the real treat are the groomsmen accessories you can find inside. Your groomsmen will be ecstatic once they see the box, and you’ll blow their minds once they open the humidor to find a personalized flask and knife, as well as a stylish pair of sunglasses and watch your groomsmen can all wear on your wedding day.

5. Simple Yet Functional

If you’re looking for a classic and functional groomsmen gift, you can bet on this personalized cigar case and flask combo. This personalized groomsmen gifts set of 5 comes with a laser engraved stainless steel cigar case and flask combo that can hold one cigar and one ¼ ounce of spirits. It’s the companion for a day of pleasure and relaxation!

4. Personalized Cigar Lighter

Nothing can bum you out on your night of enjoyment more than finding out that no one has a lighter in their pockets! Solve that issue once and for all by handing over a personalized cigar lighter to each one of your groomsmen. This lighter is made from durable stainless steel and it’s lightweight and compact enough to fit in your pocket or wallet. They’ll be guaranteed to love this classy engraved lighter so much that they’ll never leave it at home!

3. Visol Saddle Engraved Cigar Lighter 

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Just when you think there’s nothing special about a lighter, you come across this functional beauty. The Visol Saddle triple torch flame cigar lighter comes with three functions: a built-in cigar rest, cigar punch, and lighter. It also comes with a neoprene pouch, and the butane is refillable as well, ensuring that your groomsmen can use it for a lifetime. Make this groomsmen gift even more special with free custom engraving.

2. Personalized Cigar Case with Lighter 

When all else fails, we guarantee that you go with a classic stainless steel and leather travel cigar humidor. Your groomsmen will appreciate this timeless and functional gift. The water-resistant cigar case and leather will feel lightweight and expensive in his hands. He can easily access the cigar cutter in the pocket. Make this thoughtful gift extra special with custom laser engraving.

1. Whiskey and Cigars 

Just like we said, nothing can beat a fine night of celebration better than a glass of whiskey and a cigar. Cigars and whiskey work best together, and we think that your groomsmen will definitely share the same mindset. Make your groomsmen’s lives easier by eliminating the pesky distraction of finding a place to rest their cigar as they tell an animated story or take a sip of whiskey. This cigar rest whiskey glass is 100% lead-free and customizable with two initials.