Groomsmen Bottle Openers

We can’t think of a better way to cap off your wedding day than popping open a bottle of beer! Share a toast to new beginnings with one of these groomsmen bottle openers. They’re the perfect groomsmen gift for the men who stick with you through life’s ups and downs. Celebrate the new chapter in your life with our top choices of the 15 best groomsmen bottle openers this 2021!

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Top 15 Groomsmen Bottle Openers

Show your groomsmen how much you mean to them with a practical tool they will rely on for the rest of their lives. Pop open a cold one on your special day with these personalized bottle openers:

15. Sports Groomsmen Hockey Bottle Opener 

two groomsmen rubber hockey bottle openers

Do your friends love drinking as much as they love sports? Slide across these rubber hockey bottle openers engraved with your best man or groomsmen’s names for the ultimate personalized gift. Trust us. These sports bottle openers will become a staple on game nights and beer nights with the guys. They’ll also appreciate that each one comes with a convenient magnet, so it’s easy to stick onto the fridge and grab in times of need.

14. Classic Handy Bottle Opener

wood handle bottle opener

We’re firm believers that groomsmen gifts should be practical, simple, and thoughtful. These wooden handle bottle openers should be your go-to groomsmen gift. They’ll be a practical tool for your groomsmen in the years to come. The simple and natural design will never go out of style. Make this gift extra special with personalized engravings of your groomsmen’s names, the date, or maybe even a personal message.

13. Stainless Steel Groomsmen Bottle Opener Keychain

two different name bottle opener keychains

Let your best pals know that you have their back by handing them a practical stainless steel groomsmen bottle opener keychain. This piece will be a handy tool wherever they go! Whether you hang it along with your car keys or on your bag, this high-quality and robust keychain will stand the test of time and give way to countless celebrations and frothy drinks. 

12. Stainless Steel Flat Bottle Openers 

two stainless steel bottle openers with different designs

Your groomsmen will love these personalized part-time bottle openers and part-time drink coasters! They’re made from high-quality stainless steel, so you’ll be sure that they last a lifetime serving their purpose. Your groomsmen will also appreciate that they’re easy to clean, lightweight, and thin. Easily fit these 3.5 x 3.5 inch flat bottle openers in your wallet for safekeeping. Your groomsmen will love the intricate design of personalized engravings.

11. Handy Personalized Bottle Opener Keychain 

personalized bottle opener keychain for best man

Your groomsmen will appreciate this simple yet thoughtful gift on your wedding day. Each personalized mini bottle opener keychain has a sleek design and durability that can’t be beaten. We love that each one is made from sleek and durable metal. It measures just around 1 x 2 inches – perfect for carrying around everywhere! Make this simple gift extra special with custom elegant leather engraving with your groomsmen’s names and your wedding date.

10. Natural Wood Bottle Opener

three personalized wood bottle openers

Here’s the perfect groomsmen gift for the guy who loves to spend time outdoors. The natural and down-to-earth wood design is durable for popping open a beer during camping and beach trips. Each of these personalized flat wooden bottle openers is lightweight and thin for easy packing. They’re also made of durable and thick stainless steel core. Make the gift extra special with some personalized engravings of your groomsmen’s names and maybe even a funny or memorable anecdote!

9. Poker Card Bottle Opener 

two poker card bottle openers

Have a set of groomsmen who enjoy a good round of cards? Go for these personalized poker card bottle opener as a stylish and functional groomsmen gift. It’s made from durable stainless steel that is lightweight and durable. Keep this poker card bottle opener in your wallet for easy access and to make your leather wallet sturdier. Make this gift even more special with free personalization.

8.Personalized Groomsmen Decapitator 

black decapitator bottle opener is opening a beer

Do your groomsmen a favor with a bottle opener tool that does its job in a matter of seconds, minus the fuss and unnecessary hassle. This personalized decapitator bottle opener is made from durable stainless steel. One firm push is enough to easily decapitating any bottle! A magnetic feature comes with each decapitator to hold bottle caps in place. Your groomsmen will love the sleek and personalized design that will look great on any bar counter. 

7. Sleek Stainless Steel Bottle Opener 

four bottle openers with distinct design

.A special groomsmen gift doesn’t need to be flashy. One such example is this simple stainless steel bottle opener. Your groomsmen will appreciate its sleek, slim, and modern look. Each one of these is precisely cut from thick stainless steel for a solid feel. This durable bottle opener is the perfect gift for professional bartenders or simply the guys who enjoy a good night out.

6. Handy Personalized Credit Card Bottle Opener 

black credit card bottle opener with a beer

A bottle opener is a handy tool you’ll be needing practically every day! There’s no need to carry around a bulky bottle opener in your pocket. Here’s a personalized credit card bottle opener that is lightweight, thin, and stylish for carrying around in your wallet or pocket. There’s no need to worry about denting or snapping since this innovative card bottle opener is made from heavy-duty metal. Make this simple yet practical gift more special with custom engraving.

5. For All Occasions 

three wood wine corkscrew bottle openers

This multi-functional tool is complete with a wine corkscrew bottle opener, and a mini knife is the perfect companion to celebrate all special occasions and milestones. Your groomsmen will appreciate the practical and convenient design that is easy to carry around. The sleek design made from durable stainless steel and wood is a timeless combination that will remain beautiful in the years to come. This functional and stylish tool can be customized with personal engravings. You can also choose from up classic brown or dark brown handles.

4. Stylish Bottle Opener Keychain with Leather Case

bottle opener keychain card

Bottle opener keychains are extremely practical and easy to carry around whenever you need them. This tool bottle opener keychain card is even better with its sleek and thin card-style design at approximately 1.5 by 2.75 inches apiece. We love that it’s been upgraded with a simple yet elegant genuine leather case that can be laser-engraved for an extra special gift. Choose from brown, rawhide, and gray for a personalized gift for each groomsman.

3.50 Cal Bottle Opener Groomsmen Gift 

groomsmen military bottle opener

Looking for a badass military bottle opener? Rather than going for your typical american flag bottle opener, go for these .50 caliber groomsmen bottle openers recycled in the USA from once-fired decommissioned ammunition. Each piece is made from high-polished projectile with military-grade powder coating. Due to their durable material, these .50 caliber bottle openers are perfect for daily use. Personalize each one for your groomsmen with up to 3 lines of personalized text on the bottle openers and the gift box.

2. Bottle Opener Wall Bar

personalized wall mount bottle opener

If you’re looking for a non-traditional groomsmen gift that your best buddies will appreciate on regular drink nights, get them these personalized Acacia-wood wall bottle openers. They’ll never have to go digging in their kitchen ever again with an easy access bottle opener like the Bar Blade. The best part about the Bar Blade is that it has a magnet –– nothing can hurt worse than stepping on a bottle cap, and your best buddies will thank you for saving them.

1. Stainless Steel Personalized Bottle Opener with Leather Case

stainless steel leather bottle opener

Here’s another durable and stylish option for the outdoorsy guys or men who simply love to be on the go. It’s made from high-quality stainless steel that is lightweight and, most importantly, safe to lug around. The leatherette material isn’t just stylish –– it will also stand against the elements. This stainless steel leather bottle opener is guaranteed to be durable and water-resistant, the perfect companion for any adventure.