Golf Groomsmen Gifts

Your boys have always been there for you - they’ve been your confidante, your best mates, your golf club buddies. They had your back during the most trying slopes in your life. Sending you away maybe a bit too hard for them. So why don’t you make up for leaving behind the bachelor’s life early and just hit the links together before walking down that aisle?

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  1. Personalized Golf Set
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    Personalized Sarin Three layer Match Golf Ball Set
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  3. Personalized Golf Divot Tool
  4. Personalized Engraved Golf Tees
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21 Groomsmen Golf Gifts

Take some time off and score an eagle with our awesome groomsmen golf gifts. These gifts are perfect to make your wingmen feel like they won the game after all.

I know you only want the best for your mates - so here are 21 golf items that you can include in your groomsmen gift box.

Take your pick!

21. Golf Shoe Bag for all Golf Events

Come to think of it, shoes are very important to any golfer but it might be worth too much for groomsmen gifts.

Why not settle with a golf shoe bag instead so that they can carry their shoes anytime, anywhere, completely protected?

This extremely durable oxford fabric golf shoe bag sports side pockets for golf balls, socks, and tees - it’s portable and very convenient to bring along, too.

20. A Golf Shoe Bag that Stands Out!

And if you fancy adding a bit more life to your friends’ golf attire, consider this yellow-green portable breathable golf shoe bag! This cool shoe bag has very convenient handles for portability - perfect for your friends who have other businesses to take care of before or after playing a round.

19. Witty, Personalised Golf T-Shirts or Polo Shirts

Want some cheesy, but definitely fun stuff? Check out this line of witty golfer t-shirts design for sale at Etsy that can add more flair to your friend’s golfer personalities. Different designs are available to choose from.

If you and your friends are more on the serious side of the golfer’s spectrum, you may check these personalised golf polo shirts instead.

18. Car Golf Locker to Store Golf Accessories

If you want to go all out and give something really useful for your best buds, check out this athletico golf trunk organizer storage. While it serves its purpose in storing golf accessories when not in use, they can also use it as an organizer for their other hobbies - it can be used as a gym bag or a container for their emergency kit! It’s also collapsible when not in use.

17. Personalised Golf Divot Tool

Looking for something to add inside that golf organizer? How cool is it to have a lightweight 2-in-1 personalised golf divot tool engraved with your guy’s name stand out in greens? Its ergonomic design also makes it convenient to handle - so no issues with grip and the likes.

16. Folding Golf Divot Tool with Removable Golf Marker

You may want to add a simple but personalised aluminum golf divot tool in your golf groomsmen box too! This one goes with a removable golf marker - I’m sure they will all love that extra add-on  since they often need to repair the divot themselves!

15. Golf Insulated Cooler Bag for Golf Accessories

Nothing beats having a can of beer at the end of a very refreshing game!

If your men are up for it, they might like this AROUY golf cooler bag that can hold at least a 6 pack of beer cans or two bottles of wine. The material is lightweight so no problem with the extra baggage.

It’s really a great gift for sports enthusiasts who wanted to cool down before calling it a day!

14. Green Grass Golfer Champagne

Speaking of wines, these are also a favorite customizable wedding souvenir suggestion ever since. A bottle of wine that is 100% personalised to suit your groomsmen taste fits the description of this golf hole in one on green grass golfer champagne label! It’s an ideal gift if you want something to offer that is consumable rather than any other material things.

13. Engraved Golf Tees

This is probably one of the most popular golf best man gifts because it’s small and it can be personalised. These engraved golf tees are made from high-quality wood and you can choose from modern white tees or natural wood colored tees. It is not only guaranteed to last long, the laser engraving applies magnificently on the wood, too!

12. 3-Prong Golf Ball Retriever

Any golfer can lose a golf ball every now and again. It’s going to be a lot easier to get them back with a ball retriever - something like a callaway golf pocket & a 6' ball retriever which extends up to 6 inches for minimal bending needs. This has a pocket version that can fit in any regular golf accessories bag.

11. PuttOut Pressure Putt Trainer

You want your friends to remember you even when they’re out alone training to perfect their goal putting? This puttOut pressure putt trainer aid may be a good recommendation to achieve that. This product is designed to return good puts with the same distance past the hole if it had missed - so it will really be useful feedback to get their pace just right!

10. Personalised Leather Golf Scorecard Holder

Another item that perfectly fits a groomsmen gift box is an elegant leather scorecard holder for your mates! We found one that you can customize by adding your groomsmen’s initials or nickname with a monogram in gold. The item itself is classy. It’s made of blue leather with a golf swing image in gold foil. It also comes with a loop for holding a pen.

9. Microfiber Golf Towel

One simple gift that will surely be useful during any standard round of golf is a golf towel - many players carry a bag loaded with them. To minimize the number of towels they need to pack, a

Microfiber Golf Towel that can hold 400% of its weight in water will be a perfect groomsmen golf gift!

8. Embroidered Cotton Golf Towel with Hook

Meanwhile, if you want to add a bit of personal touch to it, you can opt for a stylish personalised golf towel instead. This embroidered cotton golf towel with hook is also highly absorbent as it is made of 100% cotton material. It also comes with a hook so you can attach it to your golf bag easily.

7. Personalised Men's Golf Glove

Another personalised groomsmen gift that is also a very memorable keepsake is a golf glove. It may require an extra effort in collecting your friends’ golf hand preferences, but isn’t it touching to know that you went out of your way to figure this out for them? Sounds like the bride’s job for some, but it’s a really great way to show that your friendship is more than just beer in cans and golf clubs!

6. Pint Glass with an embedded Real Golf Ball

Another personalised item that can go along with the personalised golfer champagne earlier is this Pint Glass with an embedded real golf ball. Doesn’t it fit the idea of the usual wedding souvenirs that can totally capture a golfer’s identity?

This special pint glass is crafted in the UK and it can hold 20 ounces of, let’s say the Golf Hole in One - Green Grass Golfer Champagne, that you can enjoy until the 19th hole!

5. Repurposed Vintage Golf Iron Hat Rack

Want an extremely personalised gift that your friends can use at home? We found this very special Repurposed Vintage Golf Iron Hat Rack that is made from upcycled golf irons!

Upcycling is becoming a real trend these days and it doesn’t hurt to join in and contribute to a greater purpose. You can contact the seller to request for specifications. The item is highly customized so it may be a bit expensive, but it’s worth it.

4. Stylish, Witty, or Comfortable Golf Socks - Choose your PIck!

I’ve seen a lot of socks - I mean, socks inside a groomsmen kit! It’s like every groomsman deserves a pair of socks during a wedding!

Anyway, this shop sells super cool and funny bogeys and stogies socks for the groom, the best man, and the groomsmen, so go check them out as well because you’ll find that these socks aren't par for the course.

3. A GPS Golf Watch for a Lifetime of Mulligans

Possibly not for every groomsman, but this lightweight GPS golf watch can be the perfect gift for your best man! It’s sleek, lightweight, and comfortable. It also has a high-resolution and a sunlight-readable display.

Nah, you’re not giving this out because of its cool features, it’s to keep score on the watch for a summary of your round - for the rest of your married life!

2. Golf Ball Storage Bag

Enough of the expensive gifts and here’s one that's very affordable -  MySack golf ball storage bag. This scores high on our list because it can really give your friends some laughs. Besides, you can expect that golfing in the open can expose your precious golf balls to dirt that can affect your ball trajectory. Keeping them secured and clear from grime using this quirky, personalised golf bag is a must!

1. The Star-in-the-Hole, a Personalised Golf Ball

Why doesn't this three-layer, personalised golf ball deserve first place on this list? Yes, a sarin three-layer match golf ball set (link for this item’s product page is not working) is too simple and straightforward for golfers.  It’s something expected, but at the same time, it’s something that you can’t play golf without.

Golf balls are just like your groomsmen - you expect them to be a part of your life, and they are the people who you can’t live without, right?