1. Why Do I Need a Groomsmen Gifts Mart Account?

With a Groomsmen Gifts Mart account, your shopping experience becomes a lot easier as you can:

  • Check your order(s)' status.
  • Track your order(s) or returns.
  • Easily contact our customer service for help, questions, concerns, etc... 
  • Enjoy easy order(s) checkouts by saving your payment and shipping information. 
  • Leave comments and feedback about your experience with us or our products. 

2. How to Register for Groomsmen Gifts Mart?

On the website, there's a "sign up" button at the top corner (on the right side). Click that and you'll be able to register with an email account. 

3. What to Do if I Forget My Password?

When you log-in to your account, you'll spot a "forgot password" button. Click that and provide us with the email you registered with. After a while, we will send you an email with a link that'll allow you to reset the password. 

4. Can Shopping Cart Items Be Removed?

If you haven't yet placed your order(s), you'll be able to remove it from the shopping cart. 

If you already settled the order, you can't remove it anymore. 

5. What if My Product is Out of Stock?

For out of stock products, we will do our best to make them available again as soon as possible. 

If you've already placed your order for an out of stock product, you will be notified by email to either look for a replacement or refund it. 

6. Can I Avail of Custom-Made Products?

We offer custom-made products.

The products listed on our website are described and displayed as-is. 

Order & Payment

7. Is There A Way to Modify or Cancel My Order?

If you find that your information is incorrect on a placed order, you can no longer modify or alter it. 

That said, if the placed order is not yet paid for, you can cancel it and make a new one with the correct information.

If you've already paid for the product(s), you'll have to contact us at support@groomsmengiftsmart.com so we can find a way to modify or cancel the order. 

8. Can I Change Paid Orders?

Yes, you can change the product(s), the size of the product(s), and the shipping address. 

To do that, email us at support@groomsmengiftsmart.com. 

However, we can no longer help you with this once the product(s) has been shipped. So be extra careful when placing your order. 

9. What Payment Methods Do You Use?

We accept payments made with Credit Card and PayPal.


10. Do You Ship to Germany, UK, AU, France etc.?

Yes. We offer international shipping, which means we can ship our products to most countries. 

11. Should I Expect Additional Taxes or Fees?

No, we don't charge extra fees. Our price rates are for the product(s) itself. 

As for taxes, it will depend on where you live. 

Most countries don't have to pay for VAT (Valued Additional Tax), duties, or import fees. A few European countries, however, might have laws concerning payment for VAT or duties.  

12. When Can I Expect My Order to Arrive?

Once you pay for your order, it will take 3-6 business days for us to process it. As for shipping, give it 7-15 business days (after we've processed it) before the package arrives. 

Here's a handy equation to follow:

Processing time + shipping time = delivery time.

Keep in mind that these time frames are taken from average data. It may take longer depending on the item(s) shipped and/or the delivery destination. 

My Order is Still Under “Processing”, What is Going On?

During the processing stage, we make sure the product(s) is of top quality. We do this by making it go through Quality Control tests. 

So depending on their specifications, some products take longer to process than others. 

That said, we make it our goal to process any and all products within 3-6 business days. 

For other product(s) delay concerns, you can reach out to us at support@groomsmengiftsmart.com. 

13. Do You Provide a Tracking Number?

Yes. We will email you a tracking number along with your Shipping Confirmation as soon as your order is shipped. 

To find the tracking number of your order, follow these steps:

  • Log-in to your member center.
  • Click the "my account" button. 
  • Look for your order. Its tracking number, as well as its shipping courier, will be stated beside the order.
  • Enjoy easy order(s) checkouts by saving your payment and shipping information. 
  • Go to the shipping courier's website and place the tracking number to track your order.

Return & Exchange

14. Do You Have a Return Policy?

If you want to return a product(s), it must be in its original wrapping, unused, and undamaged. 

To find out more about our Return Policy, click here. 

If I Return a Product(s), When Can I Expect the Refund?

Once we receive your returned package, it will take 5-7 business days to process your refund. 

Note that it might take longer to refund (around 1-2 weeks) if you paid through Credit Card.