Engraved Rocks Whiskey Glass

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On your wedding day, your groomsmen are right beside you to provide emotional support on your big day. Together with your family, they serve as witnesses as you open a new chapter in your life. Would it be nice to give them something special? This glass is a personalized gift that will serve as a souvenir of that milestone event in your life.

Show your appreciation with your groomsmen with the personalized whiskey glass. These are cool, high-quality whiskey glasses that make an excellent contemporary gift for your wedding. 

The personalized whiskey glass consists of premium glass and safe drinking liquor because it is lead-free. You can choose from 9 available designs, and each glassware can hold 7 oz of whiskey or any other liquor.

The personalized whiskey glass will surely impress your groomsmen and be the perfect whiskey glass for your wedding party.

  • Made of lead-free glass material
  • Nine designs
  • Hold up to 7oz
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