We know how stressful it can get planning all the details – big and small – for any wedding.  From food options, to seating arrangements, to entertainment, to fancy favors, there’s so much to plan for, for just a one day event.  

1.  S’mores Bar

While the bride and groom are out to take their post-ceremony photos, let your guests feel more than welcome as they wait with a fun and flavorsome S’mores Bar they can dig in to.  Both kids and adults will enjoy it.  

2.  Kiddie Activity Set

Keep the kids at your wedding reception thoroughly entertained with an activity set that will keep their little hands busy all throughout the party.  This activity set makes for a great wedding giveaway, too.  

3.  A Minimalist Bouquet for the Bride

This simple wedding reception idea can actually transcend even to grandiose weddings.  Bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better as having a Minimalist Bouquet can still speak volumes about the bride’s beauty.  It’s all in the color combination and floral selections that makes a bouquet truly stand out.  

4.  Wedding Party Facemasks

Even a pandemic can’t stop romance from happening.  This vital wedding reception idea during Covid is not just cute, it’s also beneficial for everyone’s sake.  Customize Wedding Party Facemasks for the whole wedding party that everyone can wear when they march down the aisle.   

5.  Mason Jar Lanterns for Centerpieces

You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to have a beautiful wedding.  This nifty wedding reception idea on a budget calls for used mason jars with lids, battery-operated tea lights, double-sided tape, and a wicker rope.  Make your centerpiece light up, literally speaking.  

6.  A Comfy Lounge Area for Guests

Intimate weddings are all about bringing a smaller group much closer, and a comfy lounge area setup might just do the trick.  Take what’s available at your own living room or borrow furniture pieces from family or friends to create a relaxing place for guests to gather.  

7.  Potpourri Confetti for a Whimsical Wedding

Ditch the traditional rice and seeds and opt instead for a Potpourri Confetti to toss during the newlyweds’ wedding exit march.  This alternative wedding reception idea will look so much nicer in the photos due to all the vivid colors flying around.  

8.  Advice Cards for the Newlywed Couple

This wonderful wedding reception idea invites guests to be more interactive with the newlywed couple in a deeper way.  Let family and friends fill out these Advice Cards that the bride and groom can treasure for the rest of their union.  

9. Imaginative Table Settings for the Kids

If there’s a table at your wedding reception that’s solely dedicated for kids, keep them sitting still with a playful table setting just for them.  Add in curly straws, flower lollipops, and other fun-filled trinkets that will keep them entertained for hours.  

10.  Include a Song Request in Your RSVP

Wedding reception entertainment ideas don’t have to be flashy.  Something as simple as including a Song Request Form that guests can fill in when they send back their RSVPs is a catchy way to let them have a grand time at the wedding.  

11.  Elegantly Written Safety Protocol Signs

It’s always better to be safe than sorry, that’s why we’re loving this wedding reception idea during Covid.  These careful reminders are so beautifully-designed that they’re hard not to miss when the wedding party can get a little too close for comfort.  

12.  Permanent Chalkboard Signs

While chalkboard wedding signs have become a must-have lately, here’s a really cool wedding reception idea on a budget – a Permanent Chalkboard Sign that  can never be erased.  Head out to your favorite thrift shop en pronto to find the best frame.  

13. Fire Dance Performance for a Beach Wedding

If you’ve been thinking of holding your wedding reception at your favorite seaside spot, you might want to consider a Fire Dance Performance as part of your entertainment lineup.  Fire dances are so impressive, just make sure to hire a professional.

14.  Towers of Confectionary Instead of Cake

It might be a tad radical but some couples actually prefer to do away with the wedding cake and replace it instead with a Tower of Confectionary that includes donuts, stuffed pretzels, or churros.  Just think of how easy it is not having to do some slicing anymore.  

15.  D-I-Y Metallic Vase for a Glittery Centerpiece

You don’t have to splurge on exorbitant centerpieces for your dining tables at the wedding reception when you can make them yourself easily.  This Do-It-Yourself Metallic Vase is eye-catching and unbelievably inexpensive to make.  

16. Custom Dance Floor Monogram

Bring that extra oomph to your wedding reception with a gobo monogram of yours and your partner’s initials and have it projected on the dance floor to make a big statement.

17.  A Zoom Wedding Reception

Even if you can’t have all your desired guests at your wedding, you can still invite all of them to participate, albeit virtually.  Zoom Wedding Receptions can help bring family and friends together from a very safe distance.  

18.  Paper Lanterns for a Backyard Wedding

This décor is perfect for simple wedding reception ideas as it doesn’t cost much, and it’s also quite easy to install.  Paper Lanterns will surely brighten up a backyard wedding venue.  

19. Cool it off with an Ice Cream Truck

How cool can you get if you have your own Ice Cream Truck at your wedding?  Instead of the typical dessert platter, opt for this alternative wedding reception idea that’ll be a sheer hit with your guests.

20.  Wine Barrel Cocktail Tables

For a wedding reception idea on a budget, why not try out using old Wine Barrels Cocktail Tables for guests to use?  The barrels add such a nice, vintage touch to the party.  

21.  Wedding Speech BINGO

Here’s a fun and creative wedding reception entertainment idea that will keep guests paying closer attention to all the wedding speeches.  They can cross off each box whenever the same phrases are uttered during any speech.  

22.  Monogram Wedding Cake Toppers

Try something different with your wedding cake by placing Monogrammed Initials Cake Toppers instead of the usual bride and groom figurines.  You can even add your wedding date on it, too.  

23.  Sanitizing Stations

Get smart about Covid-19 by placing Sanitizing Stations in various strategic spots around your wedding reception venue.  This will keep everybody in your wedding party safe and protected all event long.  

24. His & Hers Signature Drinks

Make a His & Hers Signature Drinks cocktails sign that is colorful and cleverly written out.  You can even keep this after the wedding and hang it up your house as a keepsake.  

25. Do-It-Yourself Wedding Arch

Outdoor weddings can look prettier with an exquisitely-designed Wedding Arch that can really enhance a ceremony space.  A well-designed arch can really add more depth to wedding photos as well.

26.  Rustic Wooden Frame Wedding Guest Book

Let your guests’ signatures last for a lifetime by using this alternative wedding reception idea – having a Rustic Wooden Frame be the guest book wherein family and friends can write down their short messages.  

27.  Bud Vases as Centerpieces

Rather than doing sets of large arrangements, you can create a slew of Bud Vases that you can array around your wedding tables for a more understated effect.  Simple but splendid.  

28.  Personalized Craft Beer Bottles

A simple wedding reception idea that everyone would reach out for is having Personalized Craft Beer Bottles at your bar.  Guests will want to take a bottle or two to go with them for sure.  

29.  Printed Placemats

Customize Printed Placemats that family and friends can fill out with words of wisdom or any other things you’d like for them to write for you.  Inexpensive but very adaptable, this is a perfect wedding reception idea on a budget.  

30.  Friendly Reminders for Covid Weddings

From hugs and handshakes to elbow bumps instead.  This crafty signage at a recent wedding shows that a nicely-worded safety protocol reminder can be the most effective way to prevent unnecessary touching.   

31.  Fairy Lights With Curtain Backdrop

Bring out a whimsical feel with this simple wedding reception idea.  Fairy Lights strung behind a curtain illuminates the wedding venue effervescently, giving the room a magical glow to it.  

32.  A Selfie Polaroid Station

If hiring a professional photo booth service isn’t within your budget, fear not.  You can still have fun photos from guests with this small wedding reception idea – a Selfie Polaroid Station.  Just make sure to stock up on film.  

33.  Dual-Purpose Paper Bag Menus

For alternative wedding reception ideas, try out this Dual-Purpose Paper Bag Menu that doubles as a snack container and a menu list.  Fill it with popcorn, chips, fries, or whatever snack you want to share with your guests.  

34. Accessorize with Pinwheels

Enliven your wedding venue with a pop of vivid hues using Pinwheels.  This inexpensive and really fun to make simple wedding reception idea makes for great keepsakes for guests to bring home after the reception.

35. Make it a Pet-Friendly Party

For couples who are dog lovers, heighten the cuteness factor by letting your furbabies be a part of your wedding.  This will be easier to pull off with backyard or outdoor weddings, and is guaranteed to make your big day even more memorable.

36.  Humorous Open Bar Signage

Tease your guests with a good chuckle using a Humorous Open Bar Signage that sounds cheeky but true.  It might not keep your guests from drinking a lot, but at least you gave them a funny warning, right?  

37. Flower Seed Favors

If you want to give wedding favors that family and friends will treasure always, try giving them Flower Seed Favors that they can plant at home.  It’s a meaningful gift that’s also very symbolic of your new union.  

38.  Social Distancing Comfort Wristbands

Here’s a really keen wedding reception idea during a Covid gathering.  Let guests pick out a color-coded wristband to indicate their level of physical comfort throughout the ceremony and reception.  

39. Pick-A-Donut Wall

Satiate that sweet tooth with a delightful Donut Wall at your wedding.  A Donut Wall doubles as a clever and colorful wedding decoration and best of all, it makes for a tasty snack, too.

40.  Hire a Caricaturist

One way for your attendees to thoroughly enjoy themselves is to have a Caricaturist at the reception.  This also provides a ready solution with the wedding favors that they can take home.  

41.   Board Games Table

A crafty wedding reception entertainment idea that’s kind of unusual but neat is having a Board Games Table at your party.  Shy guests who much prefer sitting the disco out can at least have a better option for them.   

42.  Glow with Neon Signs

Add some sizzle to your party venue by having a Neon Sign backdrop.  Neon signage are great wedding reception ideas that can be readily available to rent from varied suppliers online.  

43.  Vintage, Bohemian Décor

If you’re planning an outdoor wedding, feel free to shake things up by going with a dreamy style that mashes Vintage and Bohemian Décor.  If flowers aren’t your thing, you can experiment more with plants, feathers, leaves, and other materials that suits your taste.  

44.  Hand-drawn Invites

For small wedding reception ideas that involve 30 guests or less, try making Hand-drawn Invites yourself or find a graphics design company who can do it for you.  Beautifully-handcrafted invitations definitely make a lasting statement.  

45.  Creative Place Cards for Seating Arrangement

Display Creative Place Cards for Seating Arrangement to draw out chuckles and good cheer from friends and family.  They’ll want to keep their place cards once they see how imaginative you’ve made it.  

46.  Hot Cocoa Bar for a Winter Wedding

Keep it warm inside at your winter wedding reception by having a Hot Cocoa Bar at the back.  Let guests treat themselves to marshmallows, sprinkles, and milk when they prepare their own warm mug.  

47. Wedding Day Sugar Cookies

Whether you serve them up at the dessert station or wrap them up as giveaways, Wedding Day Sugar Cookies make for a fine wedding reception idea.  Get a wedding-themed cookie cutter set for maximum impact, too.  

48.  Safely-Distanced Seating Arrangements

With the pandemic still lurking, you’ll have to be more mindful of how people sit together at your party.  A good wedding reception idea during Covid is to seat people in smaller groups, with safely-distanced seating arrangements.  

49.  Message in a Bottle Guest Book

If your wedding reception is by the sea or you’re having an indoor, beach-themed wedding, a fun way to let your guests leave a mark is by letting them drop little notes for a Message in a Bottle “Guest Book” setup.   

50.   Wedding Piñata

Who says piñatas are only for kiddie parties?  These fun-to-smash, hanging papier-mâchés are also ideal for wedding receptions, especiall if they’re filled with candy, chocolate, and a few dollar bills.  

51.  Family Style Wedding Party

We adore this small wedding reception idea because it shows that gatherings don’t have to be grandiose to be great.  A Family Style Wedding Party that normally includes 20 people or less, is not only cost-effective, but also brings family and friends literally closer together, too.  

52.  Waffle Wedding Cake

For wedding receptions that take place mid-morning or early afternoon, a Waffle Wedding Cake might be a delectable option.  Everybody would love to dig in their forks to stacks of waffles drizzled with syrup and decorated with berries, right?  

53.  Surprise Wedding Signage

A great surprise wedding reception idea is to put out a Surprise Wedding Signage that lists down the itinerary for the day.  Naturally, guests will be so shocked at first, but once they see what fun things are in store, they’ll get into party mode right away.  

54.  Wedding Invitation Map

This wedding reception idea is especially useful for bigger weddings wherein the ceremony’s venue and the reception’s venue are a little distant from each other.  Guide your guests where to go with an attached map to your wedding invite.   

55. A Plated Menu For Safe Social Distancing

If you’ve initially planned to do a buffet-style catering service for your wedding, you might want to rethink that.  With the coronavirus still eminent upon us, why not switch instead to a Plated Menu so there’s less physical interaction between guests?  

56.  Pie Bar Dessert Setup

A sumptous wedding reception idea for any type of wedding would be to have a Pie Bar Dessert Setup.  Don’t forget to have vanilla ice cream on hand, too, for an a la mode treat.

57.  Picnic Wedding at the Park

This is a brilliant wedding reception idea on a budget – to do a Picnic Wedding at the Park.  If you prefer to have a more intimate wedding, you might want to look into doing a picnic-style banquet where everyone can just feel comfy on the grass.  

58.  Cascading Succulents Bouquet

Say it with succulents for a more alternative wedding reception idea.  A Cascading Succulents Bouquet is a beautiful adornment that highlights your unique form of personal expression through plants.

59.  Cheese Wheel Tower

No, this isn’t a wedding cake substitute, but a Cheese Wheel Tower might end up becoming your guests’ new favorite thing.  Stack up layers upon layers of multi-flavored cheeses topped with figs and other fruits for an interesting after-dinner treat.  

60.  Custom-label Wine Giveaways

Drink and be merry with a crate-load of these Custom-label Wine Giveaways.  Each guest can take a bottle home, and you can even mix it up by having red wine and white wine options.  

61. Tableside Beverage Service

Encourage your wedding attendees to stay put in their seats by letting the bar come to them rather than the other way around.  A Tableside Beverage Service limits physical encounters, thereby keeping guests at a safe distance from each other.  

62.  Pearl and Gold Garlands

Give your wedding venue extra sparkle by arraying Pearl and Gold Garlands all around your banquet space.  This simple wedding reception idea can brighten any dull-looking room in seconds.  

63.  Post Box Guest Book

Let your family and friends send you cards and letters without a need for stamps.  This nifty Post Box Guest Book idea is a wonderful way for guests to leave you well-wishes and nuggets of wisdom.  

64.  “Our Love Story” Corkboard Display

Give wedding participants a glimpse of how your love story unfolded with a crafty “Our Love Story” Corkboard Display.  This wedding reception idea on a budget is easy to put together and can become a permanent display at your new home.  

65.  Mini Candy Jars as Favors & Table Seating Placeholders

Hit two birds with one stone with this Mini Candy Jars that can be wedding favors and table seating placeholders at the same time.  It’s all the sweet goodness packed in a bottle that your guests will adore.  

66.  His and Hers Food Favorites

Put out His and Hers Food Favorites to give guests two different options to choose from for the main course.  This food offering somewhat doubles as a little game at the wedding, too.  

67.  Personalized Cocktail Napkins with Fun Facts

A simple wedding reception idea would be to print out Personalized Cocktail Napkins with Fun Facts about the newlyweds.  This is a smart way to let wedding attendees get to know you and your new spouse better.  

68.  Hanging Flowers Chandelier

Think outside of the vase and into the ceiling.  An elegant wedding reception idea is to have Hanging Flowers Chandelier to really bring out a vivid pop of color into your party space.  

69.  Hot Air Balloon Centerpiece

Make an eye-catching statement with a Hot Air Balloon Centerpiece as a small wedding reception idea you could try.  Not only does it look so lovely, it also brings out the whimsy in your wedding.  

70.  Open up a Lemonade Stand

Non-alcoholic drinks can also have their own happy hour, too.  Make a multi-flavored Lemonade Stand cooling station specially for garden and outdoor wedding receptions to keep guests happy and hydrated.  

71.  Milk and Cookies Refreshers

Planning for a small, daytime wedding?  Then having a Milk and Cookies Refreshers will delight all your guests looking for a tasty snack combo, and it just won’t be the kids, but the adults, likewise, will gobble it up in minutes.    

72.  Wooden Directional Arrows

If your entire wedding day takes place inside the same perimeter, try putting up Wooden Directional Arrows that can guide guests as to where exactly to go for each planned event.

73.  Ribbon Wands

Cut down on non-biodegradable throwaways by letting family and friends wave Ribbon Wands in the air for the church exit procession.  The great thing about this is that guests can take home these Ribbon Wands as souvenirs.  

74. Fruit Bowl Centerpiece

For a wholesome wedding reception idea on a budget, we present to you the Fruit Bowl Centerpiece, a tasty and colorful way to decorate your banquet tables.  Guests will be glad to see they can easily pick out a healthy snack during the party.  

75. Charcuterie Board Favors

A Charcuterie Board Favor is a wonderful wedding reception idea because not only does it look classic and dainty, it’s quite a useful gift for your guests as well.  Have your supplier customize it with wedding details for a personalized touch.  

76.  Hanging Parasols

Do away with typical wedding décor and use Hanging Parasols instead especially for backyard and garden weddings.  They make for dramatic background decorations that will look great on photos and video.  

77.  Giant Tic-Tac-Toe Lawn Game

For a fun, interactive wedding reception idea, try having a Giant Tic-Tac-Toe Lawn Game on the grass that anyone can play with.  Challenge guests to a play it out for best-of-3 sets and watch how much fun everyone will have.  

78.  Mason Jars To Go

We adore this truly sustainable wedding reception idea.  Serve up drinks in labeled Mason Jars To Go, which family and friends can bring home with them after the party as an instant takeaway.  

79.  Recycled Paper Garlands

This simple wedding reception idea costs nothing at all.  Recycled Paper Garlands make for attractive decorations that will make you feel good knowing it’s zero-waste and reusable for any occasion.  

80.  A Wacky Wedding Video Booth

The Wacky Wedding Video Booth is going to be the next big thing in wedding reception entertainment ideas.  Let guests either share a story, give advice, or sing whatever, as long as you capture their wacky moments on video.  

81.  Sparklers Send-Off

When the wedding party is about to end, let your guests know that there will be a Sparklers Send-Off for the newlyweds right before they leave.  Just ensure that you’ll be doing this outdoors where it’s safe to light up sparklers.  

82.  Charitable Donations Instead of Wedding Gifts

For philanthropic couples wanting to pay the blessings forward, ask your wedding guests to donate to your chosen charities instead of them giving you wedding gifts.  This will make for an honorable start to your marriage.  

83.  Don’t Forget the Groom’s Cake

While mostly an American South tradition, Groom’s Cake has risen in popularity almost everywhere.  A fun-themed Groom’s Cake never fails to add a comedic touch to any wedding celebration.

84.  Surprise Wedding Essential – Don’t Forget the Photographer

If you’re looking to give loved ones the shock of their lives with your Surprise Wedding, make sure the photographer captures the exact moment you make the big reveal.  A hilarious surprise wedding reception idea would be to give these shocked reaction photos to your guests.  

85.  Wheel of Fun Game

Have a great time entertaining family and friends when you invite them to play the Wheel of Fun Game with you and your new spouse.  This is a clever wedding reception entertainment idea that will elicit lots of laughs for sure.  

86.  Eco-Friendly Cutlery

If you want your wedding to have a low impact to the environment, consider using Eco-Friendly Cutlery made of biodegradable materials for your wedding banquet.  You’ll certainly feel extra good about setting an example to your guests.  

87.  Painted Pumpkin Vase

For a smashing Fall wedding reception idea, check out this Painted Pumpkin Vase that could be a stunning addition to your banquet tables.  Use it as a centerpiece or as a supplementary accent all around your venue.  

88.  Beach Ball Send-Off

This alternative wedding reception idea of using Beach Balls as the throwaways for a wedding exit march is absolutely brilliant.  Not only does it look so fun, the beach balls can also be used at the seaside reception for games.  

89. Self-Serve Coffee Station

Get yours and your wedding attendees’ caffeine fix with a Self-Serve Coffee Station at your wedding banquet.  Make sure to have multiple options such as plain, brewed coffee, flavored coffee, and iced coffee, likewise.  

90.  Origami Crane Garlands

You’ll leave lots of jaws dropping when guests walk into your wedding venue and see a stunning display of Origami Crane Garlands hanging from the ceiling.  It’s a very simple yet elegant way to decorate your event space.  

91.  Love Story Slideshow Presentation

Here’s a wedding reception entertainment idea that you can cherish for the rest of your lives – a Love Story Slideshow Presentation that you can screen for your loved ones.  Make everyone swoon with an in-depth glimpse of your relationship timeline.

92.  Cotton Candy Cart

Let all your family and friends have a sugary treat by having a Cotton Candy Cart.  This schmaltzy wedding reception idea is suitable for summer weddings with a carnival theme.  

93.  Socially-Distanced Slow Dancing

Responsible wedding reception ideas during Covid must be kept in mind while you plan. You can still let your guests have a fun time by encouraging Socially-Distanced Slow Dancing, as long as the pairs come from the same households.

94.  Jive with a Jazz Band

Shake up your wedding reception entertainment ideas by hiring a Jazz Band instead of the usual DJ and recorded music fare.  Nothing sounds better than live music and going with a great jazz quartet or quintet will give your party a roaring time.  

95.  Bridal Bouquet Toss Ribbon Game

For a fun spin on the typical bridal bouquet toss, why not have it as a Ribbon Game instead wherein all the single ladies who participate holds a ribbon each.  The bride cuts off each ribbon until only one remains, and whoever holds this ribbon gets the bouquet.  

96.  Phone Charging Station

Your wedding invitees will thank you immensely once they see you’ve provided a Phone Charging Station at your wedding reception.  It speaks highly of your consideration as a party host.  

97. Wedding Shoe Game

Do this fun wedding reception entertainment idea by randomly pitting a male and female guest against each other in this Wedding Shoe Game.  The crowd will erupt in laughter and hoots seeing who will come out victorious.  

98.  Dream Catchers as Decorations

For a dreamy, Bohemian-inspired wedding, Dream Catchers make for the perfect hanging decorations at your banquet spread.  Mix and match various sizes and designs to add more variety to your set pieces.  

99.  Comfort for the Cold

This simple wedding reception idea will show your invitees just how much you care by providing them shawls they can wrap themselves with for the cold weather.  This is especially handy for outdoor weddings.  

100.  Fairy Lights in a Bottle Centerpiece

We can’t get enough of Fairy Lights, that’s why we’re featuring them again, this time bottled up as centerpieces that also double as the table assignment list.  This is a much safer alternative than using real candles.  

101.  Wedding Scavenger Hunt for the Kids

Treat the young ones to a fun game with the Wedding Scavenger Hunt.  Have a long list of what kids and their mommies or daddies will take photos of, and first one to complete the list wins.  

102.  Socially-Distanced String Quartet

Since disco dancing isn’t advisable for a pandemic wedding, try having a Socially-Distanced String Quartet serenade you instead.  This wedding reception idea during Covid is a melodic way to keep the music going, minus the physical hoedown.   

103.  Icebreakers For Every Table

If ever you seat guests who don’t know each other at the same table, let them make introductions easily with this Icebreakers game.  It’s guaranteed to help make them fast friends in no time.  

104.  Book Stack Centerpiece

Book lovers can rejoice knowing they can incorporate their favorite books into their wedding somehow.  This clever Book Stack Centerpiece doesn’t cost a thing and makes for a fine wedding ornament.    

105.  Painted Thumbprint Guest Book

For a simple wedding reception idea that lasts forever, have family and friends mark your Painted Thumbprint Guest Book with their colorful thumbprints that paint out a pretty picture you can hang at your new home.  

106.   Crêpe Wedding Cake

Everyone will definitely say bon appétit with this heavenly Crêpe Wedding Cake that stacks layers upon layers of thin pancake and cream.  This light pastry tower is ideal for couples looking for alternative wedding reception ideas for their food offerings.  

107.  Bucket List for the Bride & Groom

Invite guests to submit ideas for your literal Bucket List for the Bride & Groom.  This catchy bucket-ful of ideas will help you and your spouse determine what adventures you can take in your new lives together.  

108.  Dancing Slippers

For wedding invitees who might have worn heels or sneakers to your under-the-wraps event, have some nice-looking Dancing Slippers ready for them to use.  This surprise wedding reception idea shows how much you care for the comfort of your guests.

109.  Have a Personalized Hashtag

To make it easier collating all the photos your wedding attendees captured, request them to use a Personalized Hashtag when posting on social media.  This way you can quickly track down all the fun photos they took on your special day.    

110.  Hershey’s Kisses Guessing Game

Here’s a small wedding reception idea that’s open to all your guests.  Fill up a jar with chocolate and let family and friends fill out their answers with the Hershey’s Kisses Guessing Game.  The one who gets the closest answer wins a fun prize.  

111.  Fresh Potted Herbs Favors

Go natural by giving away Fresh Potted Herbs Favors to wedding reception invitees.  You can be sure that this will make them pleased as nothing flavors pasta and other cooked food better than fresh herb seasonings.  

112.  On-site Artist

For a truly surreal experience, try having an On-site Artist for an alternative wedding reception idea that goes beyond photos and goes onto the canvas.  Imagine how lovely the finished painting of your big day will look like on your new bedroom wall.  

113.  Chocolate Fountain Station

Take it up a notch when planning for your wedding desserts with the Chocolate Fountain Station that will surely make jaws drop and mouths water.  Don’t forget to stock up on dippers like cookies, breadsticks, marshmallows, and fruit slices.  

114.  In Loving Memory Candles

It’s natural to wish that all of your loved ones could attend the most important day of your life, but for those who’ve already passed on, you can offer an In Loving Memory Candles burning for them to show how much they’re with you always.   

115.  Choreographed Father-Daughter Dance

One of the most emotional moment in a wedding is the last dance between the bride and her father, but this duo showed that a Choreographed Father-Daughter Dance can be hip and happening, too.  They surely brought down the house with this performance.  

116.  Don’t Take My Drink Toppers

These clever Don’t Take My Drink Toppers should be on your list of wedding reception ideas so that waiters won’t be taking anyone’s unfinished drink while they’re out having a good time on the dance floor.  

117.  Bride & Groom Salt & Pepper Shakers Favor

This Bride & Groom Salt & Pepper Shakers Favor may look a tad soppy, but it’s actually quite useful to give away as invitees can use them in their kitchens at home.  

118.  Wishing Tree

The Wishing Tree is a wonderful Dutch tradition that you can incorporate among your small wedding reception ideas.  Let loved ones write down their wishes for you and then hang them up a small tree, which you and your spouse can nurture through time.

119.  Fortune Cookie Wall

This unique wedding reception idea uses a Fortune Cookie Wall as an escort board to show guests their seating arrangements at the wedding party.  Fortune cookies are always a favorite after-meal snack, so you might want to try this idea, too.  

120.  A Real-Life Family Tree

For an outdoor wedding reception idea, put up photos of immediate and extended family for a Real-Life Family Tree display.  It will be extra creative if you include old wedding photos of your relatives.  

121.  No Seating Plan

If formality is the least of your concern, then have a No Seating Plan so that guests can sit wherever they prefer.  Emphasize this non-arrangement with a witty sign such as this.  

122.  Dog Treats To-Go

For newlyweds who truly adore their furbabies, an inclusive way to show how much you care would be to offer Dog Treats To-Go for guests who are also dog lovers as well.  

Dabble with more expressive ways with your floral arrangements by doing Floating Wedding Flowers on vases.  This type of décor will look even more exquisite if paired with a floating candle.   

124.  Paper Planes Send-Off

Let love take off when you have a Paper Planes Send-off for your wedding exit march.  This simple wedding reception idea is fun and easy to prepare and will make loved ones enjoy tossing out the paper planes.  

125.  Wedding Entrance Dance

Get the party started when your wedding entourage does a wild and wacky Wedding Entrance Dance instead of plainly marching into the party venue.  This amusing option makes for a great wedding reception entertainment idea, likewise.  

126.  A Wedding Reception Itinerary

A nifty surprise wedding reception idea that could really help shocked guests would be to print out a copy per seat of a Wedding Reception Itinerary that they can refer to easily.   

127.  Dance Floor Rules Sign

When it’s safe to dance together again, you’ll want to have this witty Dance Floor Rules Sign at your wedding reception so it can encourage everyone to just let loose and have fun.  

128.  Homemade Jam Favors

Share the magic you make in your kitchen with this Homemade Jam Favors that your guests will surely thank you for.  It’s always a heavenly treat receiving a giveaway that’s made personally by the couple.  

129.  A Wall of Champagne

Make toasting to a drink a lot more easier by having a Wall of Champagne that lets guests just grab their own champagne flutes instantly.  This works well as a wedding reception idea during Covid, too, as it minimizes physical contact with a bartender.  

130.  Puzzle Pieces Guestbook

For another creative take on signature mementos, you can opt for a Puzzle Pieces Guestbook wherein each guest will sign on a puzzle piece. Have fun putting the whole puzzle back together with your new spouse.  

131.  Wedding Thank You Song by Bride & Groom

What better way to express your gratitude toward all your loved ones who partook of your wedding than by doing a Wedding Thank You Song with you new spouse.  It’s not only conveying thanks, but it’s also part of entertainment, as well.  

132.  Shot Glass Favors

Simple wedding reception ideas like this Shot Glass Favor make planning for a wedding less stressful as you’re having an item the guests can use during the party that they can take home with them right after.  

133.  Large Interactive Map

If you’re anticipating a larger wedding party, a striking way to show where everyone’s from is to have a Large Interactive Map where guests can pin their approximate locations.  It’ll be fun to see from what distances people traveled just to be with you.  

134.  Photo Cardboard Cutouts

Alternative wedding reception ideas like this one really tickle our fancy.  In place of the conventional photo booths, what about using quirky Photo Cardboard Cutouts such as this one that guests can have their snapshots taken with?  

135.  After-Party Snack To-Go

It’s your turn to send off invitees with a delightful After-Party Snack To-Go that they can take with them after a whole night of merrymaking.  This simple wedding reception idea isn’t exactly a wedding favor but more like an extra giveaway.  

136.  Wedding Playlist USB Favors

Your guests can now take home your wedding soundtrack with them with this nifty Wedding Playlist USB Favors.  Loved ones can sing along and dance out to the soundtrack of your lives any time they want with this cool gift.  

137.  Glow Stick Send-Off

When it’s time to say goodbye, let your guests illuminate your wedding exit with this snazzy Glow Stick Send-Off.  This works well especially if your wedding reception lasts throught the night.  

138.  LED Dance Floor

Dance as if you’re swaying at the galaxy with this dazzling LED Dance Floor.  You’ll love grooving to the beat with this, and it helps that it makes your first dance photos look spectacular.  

139.  Mother-Son Dance

The Father-Daughter Last Dance is a must-have for every wedding, but why not level up your wedding reception entertainment ideas with a Mother-Son Dance as well?  Here’s how this lovely mother-son duo danced out to their heart’s delight at his wedding.

140.  Same-Day Edit Wedding Video

The Same-Day Edit Wedding Video has become a staple wedding reception idea and for good reason.  You not only have something to present as an entertainment viewing for your guests at your reception, you also get to keep it as a lasting memorabilia of your big day.  


There’s tons of great wedding reception ideas you can explore when you start planning for your wedding.  

We suggest reaching out to a professional wedding planner, too.  If you’re going to be planning for your wedding, or that of a dear friend’s, have another look at this nifty list we collated so you can ensure your biggest day also turns out to be your best one ever.