When it comes to pre-wedding activities, there's a lot of focus on bridal showers.

The bride and her girlfriends all get-together to give gifts, spend quality time, enjoy the food and drinks, play games, etc...

However, you hardly hear about groom showers. An activity where the groom can spend quality time with HIS closest male family and friends.

(Sure, the groom has his bachelor party, but that's completely different from a groom shower.)

Well, why not throw the groom his own shower as well?

Since this is a relatively rare activity, you might not have any ideas on how to throw an awesome shower for the groom.

We've got you covered.

Here, we're going to give you 27+ groom shower ideas.

Yes, there's something for every groom here.

So let's get started right away!

1. Groom Shower Theme Ideas

There's nothing like a good themed party.

For a groom shower, you can take his favorite thing ever and focus the party around that.

Say, for example, he LOVES basketball.

You can get all the guests to wear his favorite team's jersey. You can decorate the whole place with courts, balls, rings. You might even want to end the day in a friendly match.

Get more groom shower theme ideas on Pinterest.

2. Groom Shower Game Ideas

You don't need to hold an all-out get-together for a groom's shower.

Something as simple as a game night will be a great male bonding moment.

Make sure the games are based around the wedding. Try making your own pop quiz about the groom (it could be about the bride as well).

These games are sure to produce laughter and a great time.

Get groom shower games ideas at Our Wedding Journal.

3. Groom Shower Decoration Ideas

Who said only bridal showers should have decorations?

Take the time to decorate for the groom's shower, too!

You can decorate the place to look like a wedding reception area. You can decorate it with lots of pictures of him and the bride, as well as with family and friends.

You can go all out with decorations or just decorate a small spot. Whatever it is, you can be sure the groom will feel very special.

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4. Groom Shower Wishes

Instead of making it a surprise, ask the groom what he wants.

Make it a mind to do whatever he wishes.

Does he want to do a games night? Go ahead.

Does he want to go fishing? Go ahead.

Does he want to spend the time around a dining table with good food and drinks? GO. AHEAD.

Let him do all the planning while you do the organizing. This way, you'll know exactly what his idea of a 'groom shower' is.

Get some tips at Our Everyday Life.

5. Groom Shower Prop Ideas

Adding props to any party is always a good idea. The same is true for a groom shower.

You can enjoy each other's company with groom banners, a photo booth, mustache and necktie props, cardboard cutouts, etc...

These props alone can get everyone enjoying and laughing.

Get more groom shower prop ideas on Etsy.

6. Groom Shower Gift Ideas

At a bridal party, the bride gets lots and lots of gifts to help get ready for her new life.

Well, you should shower the groom with gifts as well!

You can give the groom something for him, like a bag, multi-tools, clothes, etc... Or, you can decide to give a gift for him and his new wife, e.g. an appliance or home supplies.

To be sure, he will appreciate all those gifts.

Get more groomsmen gift ideas at Brides.

7. Groom Shower Sporting Ideas

If the groom loves sports, then you can take the groom's shower to his favorite sporting event.

If there aren't any events at the moment, you can make your own. Have a match of golf, basketball, soccer, etc... with all his male friends and family.

We can tell you, it'll be a day full of fun.

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8. Groom Shower Wine Tour Ideas

Does the groom love wine?

Then what better way to celebrate his almost-wedding than going out on a wine tour!

Everyone will enjoy the delicious wine, the spectacular views, and the lovely company.

It'll be a groom shower that's hard to top.

Get more groom shower wine tour tips at Wine Cooler Direct.

9. Groom Shower Afternoon Cookout Ideas

If the groom loves grilling and cookout sessions, we have no doubt he will love this idea for his groom's shower.

Set up the garden with tables and chairs. Have a nice grill that can fit lots of meat and veggies. Invite all his closest male family and friends.

I mean, you can't go wrong with an all-male afternoon cookout.

Get more groom shower cookout session ideas at Country Living.

10. Groom Shower Shed Ideas

What about for the handyman groom?

You can hold the groom's shower right in the shed!

Set out handyman tools as decorations. Provide his favorite food and drinks. And, the best part, let the tests give him tools as gifts.

Believe us, he'll be thanking you for a long time.

Get more groom shower shed ideas on Pinterest.

11. Groom Shower Poker Night Ideas

Are poker and gambling more the groom's thing?

Set up a poker night!

Of course, since it's just for fun and games, everyone can have a turn (yes, even the groom's grandpa) at their hand in poker.

You should buy your own poker set. Or, you could make one that's wedding-themed.

And, don't forget to serve delicious goodies and drinks.

Get more groom shower poker tips at Lemons & Sevens.

12. Groom Shower Fishing Ideas

Fishing is always a fun activity.

Well, if the season is right, why not go on a fishing trip for the groom's shower?

If you're able to catch any fish, you can bring it home and eat it for dinner. If you're not able, you'll all still have an amazing time trying.

We tell you, this is a "dream" groom shower for a lot of men.

Get groom shower fishing tips at Karl's.

13. Groom Shower Arcade Ideas

Going out to the arcades with your gang is always super fun.

This is why it'll be a perfect idea for a groom shower.

You can all stroll around and play your favorite arcade games. Or, you can come together and challenge each other in multi-player games.

If there are no kids, you can even go to a barcade. Yes, that's a bar and an arcade combined in one.

Check out this barcade place at Barcade Newark.

14. Groom Shower DIY Bar Ideas

What's a groom shower without booze?

If you want to bring the drinks in, you don't need to go to a bar.

That's right, you can build your own home bar.

To make it more personalized for the groom, only add his favorite alcoholic drinks to the menu.

You'll get everyone lining up for more.

Get groom shower DIY bar ideas on Pinterest.

15. Groom Shower Food Truck Ideas

There's something about ordering food from a food truck.

Well, spice up the groom's shower by booking a food truck that serves some of the groom's favorite dishes.

We tell you, this will be a big hit that everyone will want to talk about.

Get more groom shower food truck tips at Social Tables.

16. Groom Shower Paint Party Ideas

When you think of a men's night out, you probably won't think about a painting party.

But if the groom loves to paint, then why not give him his chance to force you all into his hobby?

You can hold a painting party that provides all the supplies. And yes, all the guests should take part.

It doesn't matter whether anyone is good at painting or not, there is sure to be lots of fun and laughter.

Get more painting party tips at Step by Step Painting.

17. Groom Shower Brunch Ideas

The nice thing about groom showers is that it can be very simple.

Yes, something as simple as a delicious brunch with best mates will do the trick.

You'll have time to sit around and just be able to talk and bond.

It might sound simple. But usually, these simple moments are what we remember most.

Get more groom shower brunch tips at The Spruce.

18. Groom Shower Fancy Dress Ideas

There's nothing like having a good laugh with your closest family and friends.

If that's the case, then you should totally plan a fancy dress groom shower.

We tell you, going out in fancy dress is good fun, especially if you're all matching.

The fun of this groom shower will start right when you're getting dressed and will go on throughout.

And remember, don't forget to take lots of pictures!

Get fancy dress ideas at Party Packs.

19. Groom Shower Movie Night Ideas

Who said going out to the movies was only for romantic dates?

We say, there's nothing like good male bonding over good movies.

You can buy theater tickets to a movie the groom is sure to love for all the guests. Or, you can have a movie night right at home, with homemade popcorn and all.

We tell you, a groom shower movie night is going to be a blast.

Get movie night ideas at BuzzFeed.

20. Groom Shower Quiz Night Ideas

You can't go wrong with a good quiz night.

Now, you can make the quiz about any subject, general knowledge, math, and whatnot.

If you want it personal, quiz about the groom's favorite sports, food, hobby, etc... What about a quiz on his love life?

Everyone will be charging to get the answers first to prove that they know the groom best.

Get quiz night tips at Quiz Runners.

21. Groom Shower Lumberjack Ideas

Nothing says "manliness" more than lumberjacks.

So, the perfect example of a "manly" groom shower is to make it lumberjack themed.

You can have all the decorations in checkered print, with lots of wood and axes. Make sure you get everyone to wear checkered, too.

Maybe add some lumberjack games.

Finally, to make it feel even more real, you can hold this groom shower in the woods.

Get more groom shower lumberjack ideas at Fun365.

22. Groom Shower Cheese Board Ideas

If the groom is a cheese expert, then give him the best time ever with a cheese board.

Cheese boards are great as they always bring everyone together.

And, I mean, a selection of cheese, hams, biscuits, and fruits paired with wine is just chef's kiss good.

Get cheese board ideas at Food52.

23. Groom Shower Eating Challenge Ideas

Is the groom competitive?

If so, you should definitely plan an eating challenge.

Eating challenges are great as everyone can join in. And, they're a good laugh.

You can do blindfolded challenges, donuts on a string, apple bobbing, etc...

Get more food challenge ideas at Icebreaker Ideas.

24. Groom Shower Sandwich Bar Ideas

Who doesn't love a good sandwich, right?

But the catch is: everyone prefers a different sandwich.

If that's the case, let everyone make their own sandwiches with a sandwich bar.

You can even have the guests make their specialty for the groom and he gets to pick the best one.

Get sandwich bar tips at Bellenza.

25. Groom Shower Beach Ideas

Bring the groom's shower to a whole day at the beach!

Relax in the sun, enjoy the white sands and ocean breeze, and swim to your heart's delight.

And, of course, don't forget the food and beer!

We tell you, a guy beach day is unlike any other.

Get beach outing tips at Improve Summer.

26. Groom Shower Yacht Ideas

Take the groom and his best mates on an elegant yacht trip.

You won't have to worry about anything as yacht trips usually provide everything - accommodation, food, luxuries, activities, etc...

Because everything is set, everyone will be able to focus on bonding with each other and having a great time.

To be sure, this trip will be remembered for a long, long time.

Get yacht trip tips at Boat Bookings.

27. Groom and Bride Shower Ideas

Today, it isn't uncommon to have the bride and groom celebrate a shower together.

You can invite the bride's girlfriends to join the fun activities as well.

The more, the merrier!

We tell you, the games will be even more fun and intense, while the conversations and giggles get even louder.

Get groom and bride shower game ideas at Love to Know.

28. Groom Shower Sleepover Ideas

Who said guys can't have sleepovers as a wedding shower for the groom?

But instead of giggles, nail polish, and rom-coms, the guys can enjoy beer, video games, and football.

We tell you, this will be the ultimate male bonding moment for the groom and his closest family and friends.

Get sleepover ideas at Love to Know.


To summarize, these are the 27+ groom shower ideas:

  • Groom Shower Theme Ideas
  • Groom Shower Game Ideas
  • Groom Shower Decoration Ideas
  • Groom Shower Wishes
  • Groom Shower Prop Ideas
  • Groom Shower Gift Ideas
  • Groom Shower Sporting Ideas
  • Groom Shower Wine Tour Ideas
  • Groom Shower Afternoon Cookout Ideas
  • Groom Shower Shed Ideas
  • Groom Shower Poker Night Ideas
  • Groom Shower Fishing Ideas
  • Groom Shower Arcade Ideas
  • Groom Shower DIY Bar Ideas
  • Groom Shower Food Truck Ideas
  • Groom Shower Paint Party Ideas
  • Groom Shower Brunch Ideas
  • Groom Shower Fancy Dress Ideas
  • Groom Shower Movie Night Ideas
  • Groom Shower Quiz Night Ideas
  • Groom Shower Lumberjack Ideas
  • Groom Shower Cheese Board Ideas
  • Groom Shower Eating Challenge Ideas
  • Groom Shower Sandwich Bar Ideas
  • Groom Shower Beach Ideas
  • Groom Shower Yacht Ideas
  • Groom and Bride Shower Ideas
  • Groom Shower Sleepover Ideas

With these ideas, you're sure to come up with a groom shower that no one will forget easily.

If you have any questions, just hit us in the comment section.