We know it can be daunting to be chosen as a best man, what with planning a speech**  for a toast to the groom, as well as needing to plan and pull off a bachelor party.  

No need to fret with the latter though as this list of 121+ bachelor party ideas that range anwhere from funny to wholesome and even to Covid-proof concepts will guide you accordingly along the process of planning and execution.  With this guide, you can now prepare for the ultimate bachelor party that the groom and the rest of the guys will never forget.  

Bachelor Party Ideas for Outdoors

1.  Go on an Exciting Road Trip

Give the groom-to-be one last joyride.  Regardless if you travel to the next town over or to a state across the coast, nothing ties the bonds of friendship closer than a road trip.  Make the trip even more memorable by planning way ahead with Roadtrippers.   

2.  A Hiking Trail

For a groom who loves the great outdoors, going on a hiking adventure trail is something worth considering.  Not only is it affordable, it is also a great way to boost some endorphins in the body to get the groom excited for his upcoming wedding.  Visit the Hiking Project to see if there’s any picturesque nature trails within your state.   

3.  A Bicycle Trip Out of Town

Time to get pedaling.  Bring the groom and all the guys in your group for a splendid bicycle trip out of town so you can explore wonderful views.  Bachelor party activities like a bicycle trip brings out the fun and spontaneity among friends.  Check out this list of the best bike trails in the country to see if there’s any you’d like to try.   

4.  Stargaze Under the Night Sky

Planning bachelor party ideas doesn’t have to be complicated.  You can ramp up the typical camping idea by choosing a location that also has the best nighttime views so the groom-to-be can have the best stargazing experience of his life.  Think of all the stories you and the guys can share underneath such a magnificent view, like the ones highlighed in this list from Insider.      

5.  Ultimate Paintball Battle

There’s no better way to get the adrenaline rushing than by playing rounds of ultimate paintball.  Bring out the friendly competition among the boys and see who gets to be crowned the winning team, regardless if the groom-to-be is part of it or not.  Here’s the dibs on some of best paintball parks you might want to play at soon.  

6.  Pub Crawl Tour

Imbibe the night away with drinks with good friends.  A pub crawl is always a fun way to celebrate the groom-to-be without having to fuss over other details.  Don’t know which pub to start at?  Here’s a definitive guide for the best pub crawls in the country.  We just want to issue a friendly reminder not to drink and drive.  

7.  A kayaking trip

For a summer or early fall bachelor party, a fun idea would be to do a kayaking trip with the whole gang.  A scenic ride down the river or by the sea will surely give the groom lots of happy memories.  From beginner-level trails to expert-skill waterways, here’s a helpful list of beautiful kayaking destinations in the USA.  

8.  Epic fishing expedition

Before the groom-to-be gets reeled in permanently, take him out to sea for the trip of a lifetime.  A fishing expedition is a great way for the groom to bond with his closest pals while also enjoying the sea breeze.  If you’re planning an exotic fishing expedition for your best bud, here’s a helpful guide on some of the top fishing spots in the country and abroad.

9.  Motorcycle adventure

Extraordinary bachelor party ideas for men don’t need to include strippers and copious amounts of alcohol to be fun.  Sometimes, all you need is a day trip to no particular destination on motorcycles.   Riding motorbikes fosters closeness and coordination among friends.  For fresh ideas on where to go, this useful list of motorcycle adventure routes might lead you to your next big destination.

10.  Wine Tasting Tour

Who says only bachelorette parties can have all the vino?  Bachelor parties can also involve wine tasting tours at an actual vineyard especially for a groom who enjoys only the finest quality reds and whites.  There’s no need to head out to Napa Valley though when you’ll discover there’s lots of great wine tours all over the country, even in your state.  

11.  Park picnic party

For a cheap bachelor party idea on the double, why not throw a picnic party at the groom’s favorite park?  All you’ll need is a picnic blanket, your favorite snacks, some booze, and you’re good to go. Bring a frisbee, too, for added recreation.  And if you want a picnic party that’s unforgettable, check out any of these scenic spots for something different and new.  

12.   Beach volleyball match

Take a trip to the coastline for a fun beach volleyball tournament.  This inexpensive but utterly enjoyable idea for bachelor party activities is guaranteed to bring a day full of adrenaline, laughter, and cheers.  To know where to best play beach volleyball in your area, here’s a list of sandy hot spots for each state.  Just don’t forget your sunscreen.  

13.  Go snorkeling in the tropics

For something extravagant but priceless, take the groom and your closest guy friends for a rad snorkeling trip in the tropics.  Snorkeling is a wonderful way to bond with each other especially at such a heavenly location.  Pro tip: bring a GoPro camera with you to capture underwater memories.  To know more, check out this list of the best snorkeling destinations in the Caribbean.

14.  Watch a rodeo championship

Most websites encourage you to simulate a cowboy by riding a mechanical horse for a bachelor party, but why not take it a notch higher by seeing the real thing at an outdoor rodeo match?  Lasso the groom and your amigos to witness a live rodeo roundup from anywhere within these galloping destinations that feature America’s top rodeos.     

15.  Play a round of mini golf

For a slower-paced outdoor adventure, try a mini golf-themed bachelor party.  Compared to the real game, mini golf is a lot easier to do for beginners and is more fun as you try to bring the golf ball to each odd-shaped hole.  Check out the top 10 most unique mini golf courses in the country if you and the gang are ready to tee up.    

16.  Gear up for birdwatching

For a thrilling adventure that doesn’t call for hurting other creatures, birdwatching is a more ethical option compared to hunting.  Treat your nature-loving groom best friend to the experience of a lifetime at any of these top birding hotspots in the nation so you can be awed seeing majestic winged creatures you won’t find in the city.  

17.  A day at the water park

For a summertime groom send-off, take him and the bros for a day at the water park.  There’s so many things to do at a bachelor party held in a water park like tube slides, splash pads, and wave pools.  Look up this water park list to cool off this summer and give the groom a splashing time.  

18.  Gather around a bonfire

If planning bachelor party ideas is stressful for you, we suggest this quick and easy idea – gather the future groom and your closest friends around a bonfire.  Pair up your beers with s’mores and enjoy a chill time sharing stories about your fun and crazy single days or what not.  For your safety, here’s guidelines on what you should and shouldn’t do when making your own bonfire.      

19.  Go-kart racing

If you’re feeling the need for speed, invite your buddies to a go-kart track where you can race each other all day long.  Go-karting is ideal especially for a thrill-seeking groom who just wants to drive the fast lane, literally, one last time before settling down.  For a zapping bachelor party, hit up any of these topnotch go-kart tracks in the country.  

20.  Boardwalk hopping

Looking for fun things to do at a bachelor party for less than a dime?  Look no further.  It’s time for the whole crew to head out to a boardwalk and enjoy all the sights, sounds, rides, and delicious carnival food.   If the groom wants a fuss-free occasion, this is it.  And to find the perfect spot for your event, here’s 19 of the most scenic boardwalks across America.   

21.  Outdoor sporting event  

Take your buddies out to the ball game for an memorable outdoor bachelor party.  Be it baseball, football, or soccer, bring the entire gang to cheer on your favorite teams while buying the groom-to-be a round (or more) of popcorn and beer.  Take a look at this article for what other sporting events you could potentially have your bachelor party in.    

22.  Fun in the snow

Don’t let the cold weather bother you.  You and your mates can still have loads of fun with a wintertime bachelor party like going on a snowboarding or skiing trip up the mountains.  For more winter-themed bachelor party ideas for the groom, check this list out for other superb options.   

23.  A rooftop party  

Host your bachelor party at a nice rooftop bar with a scenic view.  Shake things up by ditching the usual dive bar and going up the top instead so the groom can enjoy his party drinks with the majestic city skyline all around him.  If you’re looking to level it up, try looking for a spot among the 10 most scenic rooftop bars in the US.    

24.  Rent a party boat

Go on a sunset cruise by chartering a party boat with your posse.  There’s no better way to savor a fantastic city view than by being on a boat with your best buds, especially when the sun’s setting down.  For something extra, take the groom to New York City where some of the best sunset cruise dinners take place.   

25.  Beer garden gathering

If sitting down and chatting over endless rounds of alcohol is your ideal bachelor party, then hold it at least at an outdoor beer garden.  Drinking al fresco makes it even more enjoyable especially when you’re howling in laughter at each other’s funny anecdotes.  If you want to see if there’s a hip and happening spot by your region, check this list of 25 best beer gardens in the USA.       

26.  Explore a new city or country

Go the extra mile for your best friend and take him to explore a new city or country neither of you have been to before.  Bring along other buddies who want in on the exploration, too.  For a list of cool, new places to visit, try and see anything that might pique your interest in this 21 best bachelor party destinations in the US and around the world.  

27.  Viva Las Vegas

We weren’t so sure of including this clichéd bachelor party idea, but then again, Las Vegas is the bachelor party capital of the world.  So if you’re looking for wild and wacky bachelor party activities for your first-rate buddy, Las Vegas has many offerings to choose from.  Just make sure to remind the guys that what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.   

28.  Visit the National Air & Space Museum

Relive your fondest childhood fantasies by taking a trip to the Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum.  This is a perfect bachelor party idea for a groom who’s into aviation and sci-fi.  Have a blast seeing a vast and impressive collection of planes, rockets, and satellites.  For other museum destinations, check out this odd list of 10 unique and quirky museums around the country.  

29.  A helicopter tour

Do an extreme bachelor party idea for the groom by taking him on a once-in-a-lifetime thrill ride – aboard a helicopter tour overlooking the city.  This might cause a dent in your pockets for sure, but think of how happy this will make your best friend.  If you’re feeling flighty, here’s 4 more superior helicopter sightseeing tours for you.       

30. Archery tag

Think of it like a challenging game of paintball but instead of guns, you’re using bows and foam-tipped arrows.  Archery tag is an excellent way to do a bachelor party for the adrenaline junkie groom who likes combat sports, but in a friendlier setting.  For those only hearing about this now and are extremly curious about it, here’s a primer on how to play the game.  

31.  White water rafting adventure  

Step outside your comfort zone with a white water rafting adventure.  While not for everyone, white water rafting makes for a great bachelor party idea especially for an adventurous groom who doesn’t mind getting wet.  Try any of these amazing river trails for your big event, but make sure to always have a professional guide with you.  

32.  Unleash your inner Spartan

For the daredevil groom who enjoys extreme sports, doing an obstacle course race for a day might be his idea of an exciting bachelor party.  Put together a team of other stunt-pulling pals and perhaps sign up to do an actual race by preparing for it together.  Here’s a great beginner’s guide to obstacle courses if you’re considering it.    

33. Outdoor drone race

Big boys love their toys especially if they involve the whirling and buzzing kind like drones.  For a unique bachelor party idea, invite the boys to hang out for a day of drone racing outdoors and perhaps pool together some cash for the top prize money.  If you’re not too sure where to start, this helpful guide shows you how to build your own drone racing course.     

34.  Basic scuba diving lessons

For a truly out-of-the-box bachelor party idea, try inviting the groom to take basic scuba diving lessons with you and the gang.  Diving is not only recreational, it’s also a great skill to have.  Check in with this everything you need to know primer from the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) to have an idea where to start.  

35.  The sky’s the limit

This might be the most outrageous of all bachelor party ideas, but skydiving really makes for a immensely unforgettable shared experience.  For a groom who’s the ultimate adventure tripper, this could be the best gift for him.  Pro tip: go in a semi-larger group as cost per person is cheaper when in a group.  Check out this collection of some of the best skydiving spots in the world for recommendations.   

Bachelor Party Ideas at Home

36.  Movie Marathon

For a groom who just wants downtime at home with his closest dudes, an easy-to-plan bachelor party idea could be to have a movie marathon at home.  Binge watch on your favorite flicks together.  Just make sure to have loads of popcorn and drinks.  Take a look at this list of franchise movies you can watch all day with the bros for some ideas.  

37.  Virtual cocktail class

Bring the buddies over to your place and take a virtual cocktail-making class together.  Bachelor party activities that involve liquor always elicits the fun in any gathering, even more so with learning how to mix your own drinks.  Here are fun and mostly free virtual cocktail-making classes that you and the guys would want to learn from.    

38.  Record live music in your living room

If you and the groom have bonded over music through the years, then what better way to celebrate that friendship than by recording live music together?  Set up an easy-to-assemble, simple recording studio at home to make some epic tracks.  You can even let the songs you record be played at the wedding reception as additional entertainment.

39.  Woodworking project

Take out the hammers, drills, and hand saws.  It’s time for an exciting day at the basement, the backyard, or wherever you prefer, to build some woodworking projects.  Even if you’re a beginner, think of what a rewarding experience it will be to build a piece of woodwork, which you can use at home, with your best buds around you.  

40.  Guys game night  

For a guaranteed good time with the guys, throw a video game-themed bachelor party.  Bring the bros over to play some of your most favorite video games growing up or try out the hotly-anticipated, latest releases, too.  Let your friends bring their own controllers for interactive, multi-player challenges as well.  

41.  Whiskey Tasting Party

Don’t just drink the night away with six-pack beer or cheap liquor.  Why not try to stir things up with an at-home whiskey tasting party in honor of the groom-to-be?  This engaging bachelor party idea at home with the guys can help you decide which hard drinks the groom might want to serve during the wedding reception.  

42.  Open mic night

Now you’ll have the chance to sing out loud beyond the shower as no other entertaining bachelor party ideas at home can compare to karaoke night.  Let the groom sing out to his heart’s delight or have an epic rock battle with the rest of the groomsmen.  All you need is a TV, a good microphone, and Youtube, to set up the perfect at-home karaoke apparatus.  

43.  Backyard Pool Party

End the groom’s days of singlehood with a big splash by throwing him a backyard pool-themed bachelor party.  This laid-back bachelor party idea is the best way for your partner-in-crime to relax before the flurry of wedding activities come pouring in.  Make your backyard pool party even more fun with these wacky theme party ideas for the summer.    

44.  A potluck dinner

For an extra scrumptious thing to do at a bachelor party, host a potluck dinner instead of just ordering takeout.  Except for the groom (unless he wants to), let all your buddies bring a special dish that they made themselves.  If you’re a little daunted, this quick-to-prepare guide will help you plan out what to make for your potluck dinner.

45.  Assemble LEGOs

LEGOs are not just for kids, but for adults, too.  Invite the gang over for an edifiying day of assembling LEGO kits together, the final output of which you can turn over to the groom-to-be as a parting gift.  Check out this collection of other grandiose LEGO sets you and the posse can put together.    

46.  Sports championship night

If your planned bachelor party for your best friend is right around the corner of a sports championship, how about holding it on the actual night of the big game itself?    The gang will be so happy not just to celebrate your chosen team, but also for the groom’s next chapter of his journey, too.  Just make sure to load up with pub-style grub for the night.  

47.  Backyard barbecue party

Time to roll out the grill for an epic backyard barbecue for your best friend’s bachelor party.  Everybody loves barbecue so this is the easiest among the bachelor party ideas you can execute.  If you’re looking for other things to grill than just hotdog, here’s the perfect menu ideas for you.  

48.  Dungeons & Dragons tourney

For the groom who loves Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings, a Dungeons & Dragons-themed bachelor party will truly make his night.  Gather round the rest of your RPG-loving mates and complete a quest together.  Don’t know where to start though?  Here’s some side quest ideas to help you begin.     

49.  Taco Bar Tuesdays

Well, actually, you don’t need to wait for Tuesday to do this as you can build your own taco bar at home any day of the week for a delectable bachelor’s party for your dearest pal.  Pair up your home-built taco bar with mojitos, horchatas, or cerveza margaritas for a grandé, ole time.    

50.  Around-the-world cigar tasting

We all know cigars are bachelor party staples but rather than just have one or two, why not try an around-the-world cigar tasting kit instead?  You can easily purchase top of the line cigar samplers and have you, the groom, and your friends take a puff of each to determine the best of the best.    

Bachelor Party Ideas – Games

51.  Classic Board Games

Top of the list for bachelor party ideas games has to be the classics for sure, like Monopoly, Scrabble, and Checkers.  It’s not just for the nostalgia factor, but playing old board games has a certain magic to making a bachelor party more entertaining.  See if you can still find any of these 10 classic board games in your own collection.  

52.  Beer Pong

Planning bachelor party ideas but don’t have the luxury of time?  Why not go for a tried-and-tested solution – beer pong.  This fun and easy-to-prepare game doesn’t cost much (except if you blow out on the drinks).  Whether you play it at a pub or set up your own table at home, beer pong is surely going to bring in howls of laughter.  

53.  Pub-style trivia night

There’s a reason why pub quizzes are so popular – they bring out learning in a very fun and entertaining way.  To shake up your indoor bachelor party ideas,  try putting together your own pub-style trivia night.  You can set up the questions to be centered around the groom’s upcoming wedding, like the ones on this quirky, wedding-themed trivia set.

54.  A new spin on Spin The Bottle

For a unique drinking game, this revised Spin The Bottle will make you and your mates want to keep playing all through the night.  Let the groom take the first spin as you’ll last through the night either imbibing everything away or laughing your butts off dancing to YMCA.  You can easily buy the Barbuzzo Spin The Bottle board or build one yourself.      

55.  Shot Glass Roulette

Shot Glass Roulette will always make you feel like a million bucks.  On the roulette wheel, each shot glass will be filled with various kinds of alcohol.  Pick a number from the wheel and if the ball lands on your number, take a shot.  If you don’t have the game wheel, don’t fret.  There’s now an online version of Shot Glass Roulette for easier playing.   

56.  Cards Against Humanity

Give the groom-to-be and the rest of the guys a long night of laughter (and perhaps awkwardness) by playing the cheeky party game, Cards Against Humanity.  If you don’t have the real deck on hand, fret not.  Cards Against Humanity has a free, online iteration you can try as well.  

57.  Chess tournament

This might seem a bit staid for bachelor party games, but chess is actually back on the map, thanks to the stellar success of The Queen’s Gambit.  For a groom that’s a hardcore player, bring out the chessboard and do your own tournament for his bachelor party.  If you or the other guys are not avid chess players, this blog on chess strategies for beginners will help you out.   

58.  DIY Battleshots

Battleshots, which was hotwired off everybody’s favorite boyhood board game, Battle Ships, is one of the most amusing drinking game you can include for funny bachelor party ideas.  If you want to play this but don’t have the wooden setup, not to worry.  You can easily make your own Battleshots board from pizza boxes.

59.  Tipsy Chicken

Planning bachelor party ideas without the nudity?  Try letting the gang play a hilarious round of Tipsy Chicken instead.  This dare-or-don’t game will measure who among the groom’s crew will come out either the GOAT (Greatest of All Time) or the CHICKEN (a.k.a. the loser).  Find out more about Tipsy Chicken from their website here.  

60.  Drunk Jenga

Drunk Jenga is a hysterical twist on the classic wood stacking game by including a lot of booze.  To play, take out your old Jenga blocks and with a marker, write down tasks or dares on each block, and whoever pulls out that block from the stack has to do what it says.  Here’s a list of humorous tasks you can incorporate on your own Drunk Jenga game.  

61.  Darts Drinking

Darts is a game synonymous to pubs so it’s only natural to play a game of Darts Drinking as part of bachelor party activities you can have.  Invite the groom to throw the first dart and keep the game going until the last man stands.  For other dart-themed games, here’s more dart drinking cool ideas for you and the guys.  

62.  Cornhole

Cornhole is a traditional game that involves bean bags being tossed at a raised wooden board with a single hole at the top.  For bachelor party ideas games, a modified cornhole would include extra holes with specific instructions.  Customized cornhole boards are available online and it would be a nice idea to gift it to the groom right after his bachelor party.  

63.  Air hockey

Bachelor party ideas for the groom who enjoys arcade-type games should include air hockey.  If you’re going with a group that’s more than four guys, play best-of-3 sets and let each winner face each other off until the champion emerges.  This can also be a great bachelor party idea during Covid as you can still play air hockey against each other virtually.  

64.  Bachelor BINGO

Before the bachelor party even begins, hand out these Bachelor BINGO cards to all the attendees so that they can start ticking each box.  First one to get a blackout wins the game.  Print your own Bachelor BINGO card templates here or customize your own with wackier tasks.  

65.  Drink-A-Palooza

Drink-A-Palooza combines classic beer drinking games like Flip Cup, Beer Pong, Quarters, and King Cup into one insane board game.  With up to 12 players allowed, Drink-A-Palooza will surely give the groom and all your buddies a night they will never forget…as well as a massive hangover the next day.  

66.  Poker Night

If the groom requests a bachelor party that’s not too strenuous nor loud, then nothing will make him happier than you hosting poker night in his honor.  Round up the guys for a long night of stories and fine drinks over lots of betting.  If, however, the groom is up for game of poker at a casino, here’s other fancy poker destinations beyond Las Vegas.  

67.  Adult Charades

Think of it as the classic Charades game, only it’s the NSFW version.  The Adult Charades games is best paired with alcohol for sure, especially if it’s your turn to act out some utterly strange word for the groom and your friends to guess.  The Adult Charades game is also available to play online.

68.  Bachelor Jeopardy

It’s time to test how well you and your mates really know the groom-to-be.  Build your own Jeopardy board complete with categories and their respective questions about the groom.  It will be so fun to see everybody guessing.  If you’re hard-pressed for time to spare to make a Jeopardy board, try printing out these how-well-do-you-know-the-groom game cards instead.  

69.  Name That Tune

Jog everyone’s memory at your bachelor party when you play Name That Tune with your friends.  You can even turn this guessing game into a drinking game by making the winner of each round decide who gets to down a shot right after.  This game is also fitting for bachelor party ideas during Covid by doing a Name That Tune game on Zoom instead.  

70.  Waterloo Stratego

Battle it out with your best buds when you play the highly compelling game of Waterloo Stratego.  Take turns beating each other out until the ultimate victor emerges.  Waterloo Stratego is perfect for serious gamers especially if the groom-to-be is a history buff.  Rank higher in the expert level with these tips and tricks.  

71.  Truth or Shots

We’ve all played Truth or Dare at some point but Truth or Shots is actually a much better companion game for indoor bachelor party ideas.  Begin by letting the groom take a card and read out his question.   If he answers honestly, he decides who goes next.  If he doesn’t, he takes a shot.  Truth or Drink, another similar game, can be downloaded as an app on your phone.    

72.  Drink If Game

Planning bachelor party ideas that won’t stress you out preparing?  Try getting the Drink If game cards for the groom’s bachelor party.  To play, let the groom pick out cards one by one and anybody in the group who’s qualified with what each card says then takes a shot.  Try out these other drinking game apps for more variety.  

73.  Drinking Dice

Sometimes, the best drinking games are the simplest ones and nothing can be simpler than Drinking Dice.  All you need to do is just roll the dice and follow what the front-facing side tells you to do.  If you want to give the groom even more fun options to play, check out this list of other drinking dice games you and the boys can enjoy.  

74.  Loaded Kings

Up to 10 players can enjoy Loaded Kings so better bring it to your best friend’s bachelor party.  All it takes is just to flip each card and read the rules.  With each rule crazier than the previous, Loaded Kings is guaranteed to give the whole gang a remarkable time.  If you don’t have the pack of cards, you can check out Kings Cup online, a similar game to Loaded Kings.    

75.  Ring Toss

For simple bachelor party game ideas, nothing compares to a classic like ring toss.  It will be especially more amusing if you start playing it with your buddies when you’re already starting to feel the alcohol kick in.  Looking for a challenge?  Make your own ring toss set instead from discarded beer bottles at home.  

Funny Bachelor Party Ideas


76.  A Costume Party

No need to wait for Halloween to put on something outrageous.  Make your best friend’s funny bachelor party even wackier by making it a costume party, too.  The groom gets to award who has the wildest costume of all in the end.  And if you’re looking to level up your dressing up game, here’s some great bachelor party costume ideas to check out.  

77. Comedy club trip

For unforgettable things to do at a bachelor party, bring the groom to a comedy club for a night filled with laughter and howls.  Everybody in the group will surely have a laugh out loud night and what better way to make the most out of it than if someone in your group would like to dare try open mic night at the club, too.   

78. A sushi-making class

This might come off weird initially but taking a sushi-making class together is most suitable, especially for a groom who’s a big foodie at heart.  Think of what a fun, shared experience it will be to learn sushi-making together while reminiscing on all the fun times in the past.  You can also learn together via online sushi-making courses.

79. Fake tattoos

Funny bachelor party ideas can be inexpensive and simple, like getting fake tattoos for the groom and the rest of the groomsmen on the way to the party.  To customize your own set of fake tattoos for the bachelor party group, follow these instructions on DIY temporary tattoos.  

80.  Wear themed logo shirts

Have the guys get a good laugh when you instruct everyone to wear a bachelor party-themed shirt right before leaving for your escapades.  It might look hilarious but these shirts also make for great giveaways for all the guys who came out to party.  Check out these other designs for bachelor party shirts the whole wolfpack can wear.  

81.  Sumo wrestling suits  

There’s plenty of things to do at a bachelor party but none crazier than doing a sumo wrestling match with matching body suits.  Let the groom be the referee for each round as you and the other groomsmen battle it out on the grass.  You can buy these suits online or try looking for a rental at a party supply store near you.

82.  Party at Chuck E. Cheese’s

For some people, the happiest place on earth is at the other mouse house – Chuck E. Cheese’s.  If the groom is a big kid at heart, throw him a Chuck E. Cheese-themed bachelor party so he can have a funny, wholesome experience he’ll always remember.  If the groom is truly a hardcore fan, you might want to take him to this official Chuck E. Cheese convention next time.  

83.  Trampoline Park

For a bouncing, good time, take the entire posse for a trampoline park experience.  There’s so many things to do at a trampoline park than merely jumping as they offer a range of games, too.  Bouncing on trampolines also offers you a good workout for your core, thighs, legs, and overall body.  

84. Human piñata chase

Dress up the groom like a real-life piñata by pinning treats, or better yet, cash, on him.  Give him a 20 second head start to run away from the rest of the group and when 20 seconds is over, let everyone chase him to tug all the treats on his shirt.  If you prefer the traditional method, you can easily purchase your own customized piñata online.  

85. Serenade the groom-to-be with a mariachi band

Give the groom the surprise of his life when you let a mariachi band serenade him in the middle of his bachelor party.  This is certainly going to make the groom remember this night forever as live mariachi band music is simply amazing.  Take a look at this guide on mariachi band professional rates and other tips.  

86.  Photo cardboard cutout

Print out a large photo cardboard cutout for the bachelor party so everyone can have their turn taking funny photos with it.  Pair it up with wacky props and accessories, too, to add more hijinks.  After the party, give the photo cardboard cutout to the groom as a token of appreciation for the friendship.  

87.  Bobblehead souvenirs

Just as the night is winding down, present the groom-to-be and all the guys with a bobblehead figurine of their own to mark this momentous occasion by.  This thoughtful bachelor party idea will truly foster the bonds of your brotherhood even more.  Get your customized bobblehead figurines from an online seller like Bobbleheads.com.  

88.  Zorb ball experience

Bachelor party ideas for men have evolved beyond strip clubs and casinos.  Now, you can pretty much do anything, even audacious yet entirely amusing ideas like riding in a Zorb ball.  Give the groom-to-be an experience unlike any other by letting him ride in one.  Check out where you can rent Zorb balls in your area today.  

89.  Binge watch The Hangover trilogy

There’s no way we could not include this groundbreaking comedy into this bachelor party ideas list.  The Hangover was the perfect film about celebrating one’s bachelor party, and we believe you and your own wolfpack will have a hoot reliving it again.  If you want to watch more, here’s other hilarious films with similar themes like The Hangover.  

90.  The groom roast

Don’t end your bachelor party without finishing it off with a groom roast.  It’s basically about poking fun at the groom with funny, and sometimes playfully insulting, anecdotes.  Each groomsman can participate voluntarily and since there’s no other guests around, now would be the perfect time to let it all out, even the stuff that’s not suitable for kids.

Indoor Bachelor Party Ideas

91.  Haunted attraction exploration

For a groom who’s big into the horror genre, give him a bachelor party that will be etched in his memory forever.  Take the big man and your other best buds for a screamfest at any of these scariest haunted attractions throughout the USA.  

92. Guys only spa day

Pampering rituals aren’t reserved just for the bride and her ladies, but can be something for the guys to enjoy, too.  For a rejuvenating bachelor party idea, book a complete pampering session at the spa for you and the whole gang.  This relaxing time could probably help the groom ease his worn out nerves with all the wedding preparations.  

93.  Craft beer brewery tour

For an alcoholic spree that’s actually very educational, try hosting your best friend’s bachelor party with a craft beer brewery tour.  You’ll not only get to see how beer is actually made, you’ll also get to sample a lot of varieties of good ale, likewise.  Check to see if there’s a craft beer brewery in this best-of list that you’d like to consider.  

94.  Go to a salsa club

 While dance clubs are fun and exciting, we believe a salsa club is a much more finer option for a bachelor party, especially for a groom who isn’t afraid to bust some moves or would want to practice his chops for his big day.  Hit up these top 40 Latin dancing-themed clubs from coast to coast to find the perfect spot.    

95.  Glow in the dark dodgeball

Perhaps among the most unique indoor bachelor party ideas you can try out is glow in the dark dodgeball.  Split the whole gang into two teams and battle it out on the court with neon balls, glow sticks, and disco music.  You can complete your entire glow in the dark dodgeball arsenal from online kits such as this.  

96.  Hit up a jazz club

If loud, regurgitating music isn’t the groom’s thing, then maybe you can opt to go to a jazz club instead.  Live music is always a treat to listen to and a jazz club is the perfect place to enjoy good music over booze and conversations.  You don’t have to head out to NYC or New Orleans to find a splendid jazz club as they are spread all over the country.  

97.  Ping pong bar

Billiard isn’t the only thing filling bars now.  It seems ping pong has crossed over into the bar scene and if you’re planning bachelor party ideas that involve lots of sport and booze altogether, playing at a ping pong bar would be it.  SPIN, the ultimate in ping pong bars, is located in multiple cities across the USA so hopefully there’s one near you.  

98.  Spar at a Muay Thai gym

Getting knocked out, literally speaking, might not be your first idea for a bachelor party, but hear us out.  A day at the Muay Thai gym could be a great bachelor party idea as it brings you and your buddies closer in the truest sense.  Additionally, breaking a sweat is always helpful for the groom to relieve emotional stress that’s normal as he anticipates his biggest life transition yet.   

99.  Gorge at a Churrascaria

You’ll want to ditch the traditional all-you-can-eat buffet and head out to a churrascaria instead, which is the Brazilian version of a steakhouse but better.  The churrascaria is a place with unlimited meat of all kinds, which is perfect for a night of endless conversation and toasts to the groom.  Here’s 25 of the best churrascarias in America to see if there’s one in your city.   

100.  Rent a houseboat

Have a houseboat all to yourselves by renting one out for your best buddy’s bachelor party.  A houseboat is a fantastic experience as you can do so many activities, both indoor and outdoor, throughout the whole duration of your rental.  Here are some of the most fascinating houseboats you can rent here in the country.  

101.  Party bus joyride

Unlike conventional limousines, the party bus can fit up to about 40 with lots of space for dancing.  Like the name implies, a party bus can be the best “location” for bachelor party activities as it’s already a party within a party as you hop from place to place.  Still hesitant?  Read up on this comprehensive guide about party buses to see if there’s one nearby you that’s available.  

102.  Meditation and wellness retreat

This might not be the kind of bachelor party you envisioned but let us explain.  For a groom who prefers a peaceful and relaxing time leading up to his big day, a meditation and wellness retreat is the perfect idea.  It would be a great time for the both of you to share some bonding time, and who knows, it might end up being the best trip of your lives.  

103.  Indoor skydiving

Want the adrenaline rush without the actual risk?  Then look into indoor skydiving as a viable bachelor party idea for the groom.  You will get to feel the same exciting sensations of hovering over the skies but from a safer vantage point.  Check out where you can book an indoor skydiving flight for you and your buds nearby.    

104.  Wall climbing

Gather round the groom and all the boys for an exhilarating day of wall climbing.  This is a fun, sporty activity that even beginners can do, and as far as bachelor party ideas go, this one is an absolute favorite.  If the groom prefers something a little more extreme, then you can always level up with actual rock climbing.    

105.  Play at an Escape Room

Should the groom-to-be desire a bachelor party that’s completely out of the box, opt for an escape room experience for the entire crew.  An escape room is the best way to work together as a team as you find a way to get yourselves out.  For alternate bachelor party ideas for Covid, try doing a virtual escape room while in quarantine.  

106.  Dress up for fine dining

Planning bachelor party ideas should include the most important part of all – dinner.  Make it extra special by giving the groom a fine dining experience and making sure everyone dresses up for it.  If the groom is a big foodie and would like to travel for his bachelor party, here’s a cool list of gourmet destinations to choose from.  

107.  Hang out at a speakeasy

There’s something so alluring about hanging out at a secret spot for drinks and conversation.  Although speakeasies are no longer forbidden, you can still feel its vibrant energies, which make it an ideal location for indoor bachelor party ideas.  Find a favorite speakeasy in your region and you get brownie points if you and the whole gang dress up in suits.  

108.  Clubbing

Clubbing is among the most common bachelor party activities for good reason – it gives the groom one last wild night as a single man before settling down.  So by all means, go drink and dance the night away with your homeboys.  No matter which place you’re from, there’s always a great dance club by you but if you’re looking for the best ones, look through this list.  

109.  Casino night

Another common bachelor party idea that never ages is having a casino night.  Gambling is an activity that becomes much more enjoyable in the company of closest friends and is probably why best men everywhere go for it.  Before heading out to the casino though, read up on these Las Vegas gambling tips to avoid losing big money on what’s supposed to be a fun night.  

110.  Play at an arcade bar

Bachelor party ideas for groom who prefers an informal setting over fancier ones can always rely on arcade bars for a good time.  Where else can you relive your favorite childhood pinball games while getting to drink rounds of beer?  For quarantine purposes, video game playing at home is still an equally enjoyable idea.  


111.  Spend the day at a racquetball court

For indoor bachelor party ideas that don’t require lots of planning, a racquetball game is a wonderful choice.  Racquetball is a sport that’s easy to learn and doesn’t involve tons of fancy equipment.  Rent out a racquetball court in your area and bring the whole group to battle it out against each other.  

112.  Virtual Reality (VR) entertainment

Because of the pandemic, numerous plans have been put on hold, but some can still continue, just in another form.  Thanks to VR, you can still do all your remote bachelor party ideas during Covid all in the convenience of your living room.  If you’ve never used it before, here’s a comprehensive guide on all things VR.   

113.  Bowling alley party

Strike it out with a fun bowling alley party for your best mate.  Bowling makes for a fanstatic bachelor party idea as it’s in a laid-back venue but everyone still gets to have a fun time.  Ramp up your best friend’s bowling alley bachelor party with some of these extra creative ideas.

114.  Roller disco  

Roller disco is the best not-so-secret secret in dance-sport type of activities, and we can’t say it enough how you might want to consider this as one of your bachelor party ideas for the whole gang.  If you’re still feeling iffy, watch how this roller skate dance master grooves it out on the rink to the delight of many.

115.  Pamper session at a barber shop

Groom the groom-to-be and the tighest pals with a communal visit to a boutique barber shop.  Make this trip to the groomers an extension of your bachelor party activities as you all can get primped together while sharing stories and meaningful conversations.  And while you’re at it, here’s some great hair cut ideas for men for 2021.  

116.  Bad Axe Throwing

Yes, Bad Axe Throwing is a thing and we’ll be the first to tell you that it’s the best way to spend your dear pal’s bachelor party.  Just imagine how much fun it will be to feel like a real lumberjack and hurl an axe across to a target board.  Take our word for it, the groom-to-be will thank you immensely for this great idea.  

117.  Play at a pool hall

If the soon-to-be husband’s idea of a bachelor party is something casual yet enjoyable, playing a round (or more) of pool never goes out of style.  Hit up your favorite pool halls and challenge each other to games of 9-ball, 8-ball, or snooker.  And if the groom is an avid player, gift him with a personalized cue as a token of your friendship.  

118.  Pose for professional portraits

So you can mark the occasion forever, round up the gang and get your professional portraits taken at a photo studio.  This nifty bachelor party idea is a great way to honor the bonds of brotherhood, which the groom can treasure forever.  Head out to your nearest department store portrait studio for quick and well-captured photos.  

Bachelor Party Ideas during Covid

119.  A Zoom party with pizza delivery

Bachelor party ideas during Covid are all dependent on Zoom now, and we’re totally fine with that.  You can still have a baller time with the boys over Zoom by doing a groom roast, sharing touching stories about your friendships, or basically just catching up.  Make sure pizza’s being delivered to each one of you, too.  

120.   Virtual movie night

Thanks to nifty apps like Teleparty, watching Netflix movies together can now take happen in just one shared screen among friends.  For a socially-distanced bachelor party, try doing movie night with the guys through Teleparty.  Give the groom the honor of picking which films he wants to see.  

121.  Jackbox TV

Party games have taken on a whole new level with Jackbox TV.  This innovative game developer has made it easier for players from various addresses and come together into one virtual game room.  Choose a slate of Jackbox games that you and the gang can play for a quarantined bachelor party for your best bud.  

122.  Icebreaker

Even though you and the guys have known each other for a while now, getting-to-know-you games are still fun to play especially if you can have total control over the questions.  Icebreaker is one of these fun, virtual games to play and with its customizable features, you and the gang can have even more fun with it.  

123.  Virtual karaoke

You may be physically apart from your best buddy and all the rest of your friends but that doesn’t mean you can’t sing your hearts out like you used to.  Host a virtual karaoke night on Zoom with the mates using apps like Lucky Voice Karaoke that makes it feel like you’re just in the same karaoke booth together.

It’s easy to understand now why strippers and getting wasted in Las Vegas is no longer the norm for bachelor parties.  There’s so many options for you, as the best man, to choose from if you’re planning for:

Regardless what you choose, giving the groom a party he’ll never forget is what matters the most.  And while you’re at it, share these ideas with him to see which ones he’d like to do the most.